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Authorities Raid Yitzhar Yeshiva & Make Arrests

Last night, the eve of 25 Elul 5772 police and ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) forces raided the yeshiva in Yitzhar in Shomron.

Honenu reports one student was detained on a claim that a habeas-corpus writ had been issued against him due to his not appearing for a court deliberation.

At 02:45 border police, Yassam police and Shin Bet agents raided the dormitories of Yeshivat Ohd Yosef Chai. Several police Jeeps, a Yassam van, a bus-load of border policemen and numerous Shin Bet vehicles arrived in Yitzhar. The forces claimed that they had a habeas-corpus writ issued against one of the yeshiva students due to his not, according to them, appearing at a court deliberation. The area of the dormitories, which are located at the entrance to the community of Yitzhar, was closed to traffic and the forces began searching the students’ rooms.

The students present at the time say that it seemed like the Shin Bet agents were searching for an additional student. After they checked the detainee’s room they continued to search the other rooms of the dormitory. Only after they completed a search of all the rooms did the police and the GSS agents return to the detainee’s room. Friends of the detainee say that “suddenly” a GSS agent identified the student for whom they were searching. “How did I not recognize you earlier?” said the agent. “It must be because I didn’t have my glasses.”

The students assert that the agent is known among right-wing activists for his threats during interrogations and his attempts to recruit collaborators for the Shin Bet to inform them of the illegal activities of their friends. The students also claim that most of the border police did not wear identifying tags, which is illegal. “It’s a well known practice among the police designed to prevent their identification in the event of police violence,” said the students.

The police who were on the scene attempted to prevent the photographing of those involved with the incident on a claim that according to the law photographing Shin Bet agents is forbidden.

Yeshivat Ohd Yosef Chai is well acquainted with night raids on the dormitory. According to Honenu, which provides legal assistance in such instances, dozens of police raids have been made on the yeshiva during the past few years resulting in numerous detentions and headlines in the news media – real headlines, but false detentions.

Upon completion of the raid the detainee was taken into remand.

A Honenu attorney is handling the case. Honenu reports in response that, “It seems that the highly publicized detentions of right-wing activists which we have recently seen are designed to satisfy certain individuals in the government and the media in light of the severe incitement against the Yehuda and Shomron communities. When graffiti is defined as a serious terror incident while dozens of Molotov cocktail and rock-throwing attacks by the Arabs are met with a deafening silence by the authorities, it is obvious that ethics are being completely distorted.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Imagine this same raid happening in the MIR, Brisk, or Ateres and the anquish, angry and demos would be non-stop!!!!

    So far in every TAG ATTACK, the culprits have not been settlers from Yehuda and Shomron and in a majority of cases it has been Arabs who are willing to destroy and deface their own property in order to throw the blame on Jews and have them imprisioned.

  2. A bench warrant is not “habeas corpus”. It isn’t even close.

    Sounds like a classic “knock in the middle of the night”.

    One should remember the Israel follows a European model, meaning no real “habeas corpus” (a policy that prevents a government from throwing you in jail on a whim), and a tradition of using police for political purposes.

  3. “Honenu reports one student was detained on a claim that a habeas-corpus writ had been issued against him due to his not appearing for a court deliberation.”

    I’m not sure this is right. Usually habeas-corpus is not used as a warrant to arrest someone.

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