Court Rules Work On The Bnei Brak Yeshiva May Continue


The Tel Aviv District Court ruled that the work on Yeshivat Beit Medrash Elyon in Bnei Brak will continue. Justice Yehudis Stuffman rejected the petition filed to halt the work and ruled, “I believed that the petition should be rejected out of hand because of the significant delay in submitting it”.

When the work began, a resident of the city, who lives in an apartment located 100 meters northeast of the plot in question, arrived at the municipality to find out the legal source for the work, where she was told that a permit had been issued under the law. The neighbor then petitioned the court against the Ministry of the Interior, the District Planning and Building Committee, the Bnei Brak Local Committee and the Supreme Beit Midrash, demanding that the work on the lot be halted, seeking to prevent the yeshiva from moving in next door.

The local committee of Bnei Brak argued, represented by Attorney Ariel Junger of the office of Ron Gazit Rotenberg, that the plan was accepted and published lawfully, and therefore “there is no substance in the petitioner’s claim of serious harm to the rule of law.”

They also claimed that there was objective delay, economic damage due to a halt to construction and the demolition of the existing building. “On the other hand, the neighbor argued that” the claim of delay should not be accepted because it did not know of the intention to establish a yeshiva on the plot of land.”

After many hearings in the appeals committees and the various courts, the District Court, sitting as the Court for Administrative Affairs, decided to reject the petition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)