Islamic Community Angered Over Israeli Blogger Entering A Mosque In Saudi Arabia


The Israeli blogger who entered a mosque in Saudi Arabia and then showed his tallis bag from inside that location is now the target of anger of the world Islamic community. Ben Tzion, 31, is shown inside the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina, then showing his tefilin bag, as reported by YWN-ISRAEL.

The visit to the mosque definitely boosted his popularity as his Instagram and Facebook accounts jumped with the video and photos graining over 30,000 views and 3,500 responses.

Muslims from all over the world protested on Instagram and claimed that non-Muslims were not allowed to enter the holy sites. Others were furious that Saudi Arabia was barring Qatari citizens from entering Saudi Arabia but allowing Jews to enter.

Ben-Zion added that he is aware of the “unfriendly” comments on social networks. But insisted that the vast majority of ordinary people he meets personally embrace him warmly. “They shake my hand and ask me what the situation is.”

“They tell me that they love Israel and the Jewish people,” he said. “In ordinary people there is no hatred, I was in Beirut two weeks ago, there is no hatred, friendly people.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. As much as we are against doing crazy things like that – suffice it to say that there is everything to lose r”l and nothing to gain- we still may not use the title prophet.It should have called him by name or be written in a way that obviates the need for name or title.

  2. Are you sure this isn’t photoshopped. He looks like an Israeli dressed up as Palestinian in the West Bank – unlike the pilgrims at the Islamic shrines. The Hebrew writing would have triggered alarms. Remember these places have been attacked by terrorists and probably have serious security screenng.

  3. what is the issue with using the name prophet? prophet is not a Jewish thing and not limited to Jewish people as per our own beleifs….i don’t know if he was actually a prophet or not but it is definitely not kefira to say that he may have been. we learn that hashem gave all nations prophets so that they couldn’t say that we had advantages that they didn’t get.