ALERT – NYPD Crackdown Expected In Boro Park


Officers from the NYPD’s 66th Precinct are expected to be out enforcing no-double parking on 15th Ave between 42nd and 45th Streets in Boro Park.

There is also an ongoing initiative in Brooklyn cracking down on cell phone use and right of way for pedestrians.

The community is urged to drive safely and obey traffic rules.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I expect some disgruntled pessimists to complain about this. It is a gift that BP needs. Motorists in BP are pretty mean, regularly passing school buses, running lights, cutting others off, and double parking where doing so is a major nuisance to others. It is as if there is no care in the world for another human being. One wonders how much danger is being risked. If the few seconds were actually saved, what great accomplishments would be achieved?

    I eagerly welcome this enforcement. All that irritates me is that this is being publicized. This airing of the plans to the public means that some people will behave for a few days, and are likely to return to their old patterns when the enforcement ends. Nothing accomplished.

  2. “The community is urged to drive safely and obey traffic rules.”
    How embarrassing! Must the community be URGED to drive safely and obey rules?
    Of course, when someone gets a ticket for talking or texting, the cop is an anti-Semite.

  3. I’m going to be sure to check it out. Why only 15th Avenue. Have they forgotten about 13th, 14th, 16th Avenues where double parking is the accepted practice?

  4. i just hope that they apply the same rules to the school bus drivers , as they do to the automobile drivers , as crossing the double yellow line, and unmarked cars to ticket those who pass a school bus with there flashing red lights on.

  5. While I agree that safe driving is important, but pedestrian need to use common sense when walking on street and not to look at their phones while crossing, same goes to when they wait by a red light to remain on the sidewalk ramp and not stand in middle of the street cause drivers to swerve around and cause slowdowns.
    While running lights and speeding is unacceptable and against the law this should be considered a result of the mentioned above and double park cars as well as this makes a person take drastic measures to get out of the jam, And please train your kids not to cross in middle of a street expecting cars to automatically stop.
    Share the responsibility if u r a Vehicle, pedestrian, schools bus or bike.

    With hashems help that will help make our city streets safe.

    Remember pedestrians are the same people who operate cars as well and their attitude doesn’t change.

  6. Their counterparts also need to perform a most aggressive job to Lakewood motorists who are notorious for total lack of consideration & courtesy and obedience to traffic regulations. .. I also hope police are there in the last 5 minutes before Shabbos.

  7. Does this crackdown also apply to those who a “free-pass” PBA cards?? I was stopped by a patrol card and before they asked for license and registration, the first question was : “do you have a card “? When I looked puzzled the officer said: “you know, like a PBA card or a shomrim card.”