A Peek At The Yad Sarah Emergency Room Two Months Following Its Launch


Yad Sarah opened the Frankel Center for Emergency Medicine, where one can receive immediate and professional medical treatment. The center offers emergency room services, and has been operating for about two months in the Yad Sarah Building, located near Shaare Zedek Hospital and operating in cooperation with the hospital.

Yad Sarah officials explain that recent data on emergency rooms brings to the public consciousness the worries surrounding the overcrowding and congestion in emergency rooms in many hospitals in Israel. Yad Sarah presents its own unique response in the heart of Jerusalem: the Frankel Center for Emergency Medicine and the new center offers a space that allows quick diagnosis of the patient and a relaxed wait for those who accompany him and less risk of infection.

The center, which includes the most up-to-date medical equipment in the field of emergency diagnosis, is divided into general classification, classification of women and classification of children. In the modern space there is also an imaging institute, a plaster room, a medicine room, a rehabilitation center for rehabilitation and medical equipment, 12 treatment rooms, a laboratory, doctors and nurses’ offices.

The clinic is capable of treating 28 patients simultaneously. All this in a spacious and bright space spread over 1,000 square meters with expert doctors for rapid diagnosis and the latest word in medical equipment for emergency scenarios open from 6:00pm to 11:30pm.

The first data: 1000 visitors have so far received medical treatment at Yad Sarah Center. The wait is less than two hours – even during peak hours. The center is in an accessible location in Jerusalem, close to the light railway station and convenient parking facilities.

The families accompanying the patient have plenty of hospitality and a gift that relieves stress and anxiety and allows for a respectful wait.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I understand that this is a PR piece but I feel an obligation of hakoras hatov to mention that there has been a long established alternative to hospital emergency rooms in Yerushalayim, and that is the TEREM Emergency Clinic, of which there are several in Yerushalayim as well as others in towns around Israel. For many years TEREM has been providing the same services as its new colleague clinic. I welcome another option but it is unfair to suggest that this new center is something new.

  2. My daughter took her baby there a few weeks ago on motzei shabbos. There was 1 doctor on staff, and 8 people ahead of her. After an hour wait, with only one person getting seen, she left and took the baby elsewhere.
    They also warned her that the clinic is private, meaning that she would not get any refund from her kupah, despite having a referel letter from her doctor. Her kupah confirmed that they would not pay out, or reimburse.

    It probably is a wonderful place, and sorely needed, but before going, check out details first.
    May we never it:)

  3. We have found that Terem (at least the one in Beit Shemesh) invariably sends patients on to Miyun in the hospital. Therefore it is a waste of time. I am curious to know whether Yad Sarah is more like a Terem or it can really deal with Miyun-type scenarios. I am also interested to find out what the charges are.