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Channel 10: Rebbitzen Pinto Accused of Taking Over $1 Million

According to a Channel 10 News report, Rebbitzen Devorah Pinto transferred a considerable amount of money into her private bank account, money taken from the tzedaka fund operated by her and the rav.

The report states that since the establishment of Chazon Yeshayahu 14 years ago, over 300 million NIS was raised in Israel and abroad. The report shows bank statements from an American bank account under the name “American Friends of Hazon Yeshaya Institute”. On the bank statements obtained by Channel 10, which are part of the evidence gathered by Israel Police against the Pintos, it clearly shows a number of transactions moving tzedaka funds to the account of “Debroah Ben-Hamou Oppenheimer”, which the report states is rebitzen Pinto.

On Oct 7, (year not shown), $600,000 transferred to the account of a Ben Hamou Oppenheimer Deborah. There are other transactions as well amounting to a total of $1.165 million, all into the account of the Rebitzen.

Reports in Eretz Yisrael signal police have an “iron clad” case against the couple, leading to their arrest last week, as well as the rebitzen trying to take her own life after the rav was questioned again, ‘under warning’.

Being questioned ‘under warning’, means the evidence against a suspect is so substantial that an indictment is all but certain in the case.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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