New Daylight Savings Time Law Approved in Eretz Yisrael


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The chairmen of the Knesset Internal Affairs & Environment Committee, MK )Shas) Amnon Cohen convened the committee on Wednesday, 1 Cheshvan to discuss the issue of extending daylight savings time. The committee approved the bill to modify the current law, seeking to extend daylight savings time into October.

As such, “From the Friday before the last Sunday in March, at 02:00 until the first Sunday after October 1st at 02:00, daylight savings time will be in effect, 193 days” instead of the current 182 days.

A number of MKs wanted it extended more, for another week, and some even until November as is the rule in Europe.

Interestingly, MK (Kadima) Ronit Tirosh explained her compromise proposal of extending it ten days; adding of late she began keeping shabbos partially, refraining from certain malachos, and she felt that bringing shabbos in later would result in less chilul shabbos, a welcome reality. She added she did not wish to extend it for too long for this would create difficulties for those who daven vosikin.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Interesting. Doesn’t this mean that any time that Yom Kippur is before October 1, (5774) then the fast will be much longer? Aren’t Mk’s supposed to represent the people? I respect and commend Ronit for starting to keep Shabbos, but isn’t this a bit at the country’s expense?

  2. Dkbmd- it doesn’t make Yom Kippur any longer (it’s still 25HRS)it just seems shorter because most kehilos start around 6. For the regular Israeli though (who doesn’t have work, or can’t drive) they still get up around 8 or 9 and hence- have a shorter fast. This whole thing doesn’t make any sense regardless because the Israeli Government just arbitrarily decided Oct 1 is the day. It has no significance or correspond with any other country.

  3. @2- No. The fast will always be the same approximate 25 hours whether you keep the clock at standard time or daylight savings time. It ends earlier under standard time, but it also has to start earlier if shkia is earlier.