Survey: 40 Percent Of Americans Have $500 Or Less In Savings


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A survey of about 1,100 Americans finds that more than 4-in-10 respondents admit they don’t have more than $500 in readily accessible savings.

The survey is a kind of departure for, a website that compares credit card deals. Not respondents all were poor. Some had big houses, big mortgages or 401(k)s, but still no more than five Benjamins to rub together right now.

Jill Michal, president and CEO of the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, reacts to the lack of liquid assets.

“It doesn’t shock me, but it does scare me. You know, we often say that the reason so many people fall off the edge in a tough economy is that they’re standing way too close to it, and I think this is a perfect demonstration of that.”

Michal says there’s a lack of training in personal finances.

“This is about life skills. It’s not just about arithmetic and reading, but we have to be able to teach the next generation that we have to be able to save for our own futures and we have to be able to save for those risks that could come our way.”

Michal says United Way has programs that teach work- and life-skills, although she thinks a lot of this ought to be done in schools or homes.

In addition to the emergency savings question, the survey found that 54% of respondents don’t have a savings plan in place, and 45% are afraid they’ll never be able to save.



  1. im not surprised or shocked, i await & watch as the entire country is about to shut down in bankruptcy
    its just a matter of time
    hit the road now to eretz yisroel & save yourself. don’t wait until its too late C”V

    i.e. how many yidden in europe & germany left before WWII when they all knew it was coming R”L? not more then 5 percent. thats sad. but thats whats happening now today as we remain in the USA & watch it go down into collapse step by step

    welcome to todays generation, where even the poor still waste money on lots of useless things & vacations that in reality is not necessary & can instead save them from bankruptcy. if you can’t sit down with your spouse & make a budget & start spening wisely on only necessities, then YOUR CAUSING IT TO YOURSELF & the economy is not to blame.

    save yourself now & go with what you still have, wait & soon thousands will be going in poverty R”L saying we have nothing left lets go to israel where the economy is better.

  2. #1, you are pathetically obcessed with your zionist-mania.

    take a chill dude, this report is not another excuse for you raving your agenda

  3. And yungerman…. is everything economically rosy in E’Y either? I’m not sure if you are from the US or Israel, but unfortunately there is poverty, unemployment, and hunger in Israel as well.