Officer Serving In Israel Police Removed From Her Post For Calling On Friends To Protest


A police officer who called on her colleagues to join the motzei Shabbos protest against the Recommendations Law was removed from her post on Tuesday. The policewoman, who sent a message to a WhatsApp group, serves in the National Fraud Investigation Unit. She used the WhatsApp group to call on colleagues to participate in the protest. Police Commissioner Alshich told Ten News: “We announced that she had left the job.”

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan also referred to the officer’s statement and said: “I cannot ignore exceptional phenomena, such as the serious mistake that was made by an officer involved in the prime minister’s investigation and a letter calling on the public to attend a political demonstration.”

Erdan added that “this is an improper act, which could seriously harm the public’s trust in the objectivity of the Israeli police … When there are exceptional phenomena, both regarding the employment of Lior Chorev and the officer’s statement, I am concerned about the public’s trust in the police, that it will gain public trust and be considered an objective factor.”

Regarding the ongoing questioning of coalition chairman MK David Bitan, Eran added, “I hope that despite the heavy and worrying suspicions that have been published, they will be refuted and that the investigation will be over,” adding, “The decision, I will respect every decision, I trust the Israel Police and the police commissioner, and I think they are doing their job and mission.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)