WATCH THIS: NYPD In Queens Arresting Man Screaming ‘ALLAH AKBAR’ Repeatedly



  1. If saying alahu ahbar is illegal then why pray tell arent they shutting down every mosque in nyc?
    First the cops in Lakewood deem in necessary to question a fellow holding a sign “”stop multiplying” and now they arrested a guy for saying allau ahbar. Just wait my friends , soon u will be arrested for saying השם הוא האלןקים. And the aguda will sit back like a buncha lame ducks.

  2. Takes2..I agree. However, the video AND article do not specify WHY the man was arrested. He could have been arrested for some other crime, and subsequently began to shout.

  3. Actually going around yelling Allah hu Akbar shows intent of commiting an act of violence/terror and you could be arrested on that alone. You have free speech but there’s a good chance you’ll get arrested.

  4. @Takes2-2tango

    I would speculate that he didn’t get arrested for screaming ‘allah akbar’ because – like you’re saying – that’s not illegal.

    He probably got arrested for something else, and either he was committing some crime while yelling that, or he began yelling that as he was getting arrested for some other crime.

    The headline doesn’t actually say that he was arrested FOR screaming allah akbar; it says they arrested a man screaming allah akbar repeatedly. He could’ve been arrested for any sort of crime.

  5. Well usually they yell it out when they have terrorist intentions so not sure why all the “smarties” here are defending this man. Lets not dumb down oursleves.