PHOTOS: Chief Rabbi Of Israel Dovid Lau Lit The Sixth Chanukah Candle With MDA Employees And Volunteers


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Over 100 MDA employees and volunteers gathered for a festive candle lighting of the sixth Chanukah candle, led by the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Dovid Lau Shlita.

At the beginning of the ceremony, which took place at the MDA Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Yossi Ben-Shachar, the Chairman of the Jewish & Halachic Committee of MDA, delivered a dvar Torah, and later, all attendees enjoyed sufganiyot, and listened the brachos recited by Rabbi Lau, and of course, sang together.

In Rabbi Lau’s words of to the participants, he spoke of the Chanukah miracle, and thanked MDA employees and volunteers for their dedicated work: “The Maccabees, who were a minority, struggled in what seemed like a hopeless battle, and despite that, they followed the truth and were helped by G-d. The same way, MDA personnel fight for each and every one, even when it seems like they don’t have a chance. They do not give up, they try hard, and get to be G-d’s messengers in saving lives.”

MDA Director-General, Eli Bin: “Rabbi David Lau, I am excited to have you here. The relationship you and your family have with the organization is very close. I appreciate your contribution and work to bring people closer. MDA employees and volunteers shine their light in many homes across Israel, every day and night, in the winter and summer, on holidays and Shabbat, all in purpose of saving lives in Israel. I wish us all a happy Chanukah, and Rabbi Lau, I wish you many more years of contribution to Israeli society and helping others.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)