Constituents Ask: Is Dov Hikind Still in Florida?


As things get from bad to worse for many of his constituents, many are wondering if Assemblyman Dov Hikind should have hopped on a flight back to New York from Florida as soon as he knew Sandy was coming to New York instead of staying to campaign for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “Governor Cuomo cancelled his plans to campaign for Obama in Florida, Dov could have done the same,” said one political insider.

After this year’s redistricting process, Hikind now represents more of the Jewish community than ever before.

Many of his constituents, especially those in the new part of his district – the 20’s – have been without power for several days now. What’s more, the streets of his district are littered with broken trees and downed power lines. “It’s times like these when your constituents want to see you working hard. Many of the Jewish elected officials including Councilman David Greenfield and Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, have been working overtime to help their constituents recover after the storm. That makes Dov’s absence all the more glaring.”

One angry constituent told YWN, “I tried calling Dov’s office several times yesterday and couldn’t get through to anyone. We pay his salary he should be here working for us instead of enjoying sunny Florida.” Another said, “the last time I saw Hikind, he was on Fox News. If he wants to work for Romney, he should quit his day job. We need all the help we can get here in Brooklyn.”

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers remain with power, thousands of trees litter the streets and the loss of life continues to pile up and the last time Dov Hikind was heard from publicly was Saturday night on his radio show – live from Florida.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Did it ever occur to you that all flights have been cancelled into the tri-state area since Monday morning?

    Further more you say “as the loss of life continues to pile up,” the only Brooklyn deaths were two people who decided to walk their dog in middle of a hurricane.

    Although; it is not too surprising to see the so called “Yeshiva world” degrading a frum individual who continues to serve his community on a daily basis.

    (well atleast they gave jobs to two frum young men who are still in college….they’ll need support their family while their father is in jail)

  2. I have to say that I usually disagree with YWN when it comes to Hikind. But this time, they are right on the money! It is outrageous that so many of Hikind’s constituents are in the dark, with no power, hot water, food, facilities or possibly even their homes, and he is off gallivanting in Florida just to be a macher while Brooklyn is literally on fire. He should be ashamed of himself. So many of our other elected officials and askanim are giving of their time and energy and resources to help others and what has Hikind contributed??? Nothing. I guess when there are no TV cameras around, he can’t be bothered to get involved.

  3. Are you kidding? He could have easily taken a flight on motzai shabbos or Sunday. The airport was open all day Sunday.

    Plus he can hop a flight AT ANY TIME to Philly/Baltimore/DC and drive a couple of hours to NYC in a rental car. I am a traveling salesman and have done things like this quite a few times.

  4. The attack on the Tischlers above is pure loshon hora from someone who claims to care about degrading frum people.

    This is a legitimate issue. Dov is NEVER around when we NEED him. He spends a lot of time in other places like Israel, Florida & conventions, hotels, speaking tours, etc. He gets paid to do THIS job. Let him do it.