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Israel: Highway Cops with Camera Equipped Helmets

Israel Police is taking another step in the direction of getting dangerous drivers off the road, equipping 50 motorcycle traffic patrol policemen with helmets that have a camera attached capable of recording a wild driver speeding, crossing solid lines or other serious traffic violations that endanger motorists.

If a policemen detects a vehicle in front of him endangering other cars, he simply presses a button on his helmet and the video begins, with a range of as far as 200 meters.

Police are hopeful the technology will succeed in recording the activities of drivers to pose a serious safety threat to others and as a result, succeed in getting them off the road.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The only thing they’ll succeed in doing is making great wipe out videos for the internet. Israelis are so smart yet so st_pid. Maybe they’ll catch the cop on tape harassing the motorist when he pulls him over because he forgot to…. “hit the off button”.

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