Is Car Vandalism Attack Connected to Shas’ Internal Politics?


According to a Ynet report filed by Akiva Novak, a vandalism attack against the vehicle of Nesher Deputy Mayor Shimon Zohar is connected to Shas in-fighting between the Deri and Yishai camps. Zohar is the head of the Shas election campaign in his municipality and is close to Shas co-leader Eli Yishai. Novak explains the reason his vehicle was targeted over the weekend was his refusal to handover the local election responsibilities to someone affiliated with the Deri camp. Deputy Mayor Zohar filed an official police complaint on motzei shabbos.

Zohar is quoted telling Ynet “It is entirely possible that I am a thorn to certain elements and it is all about politics. They vandalized my vehicle to interfere with my work. I understand that this is a warning sign from them.”

The damage to the vehicle is reportedly quite significant. Shas officials confirm they have been efforts to place the head of the local religious council [who is a Deri supporter] on the local election team as part of the new unity leadership arrangement.

Officials in Minister Yishai’s office did not respond. Deri’s staff denied any connection to acts of vandalism, adding “Mr. Zohar was, is and remains the head of the local election campaign for Shas and there are no plans to replace him.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)