Vaad HaYeshivos: Don’t Sign Any Forms in an Induction Center


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The Vaad HaYeshivos is calling on all talmidim who receive their first induction notification “not to sign anything from the IDF”. The rabbonim are instructing talmidim and avreichim to simply sign the vaad’s form stating they will continue learning and nothing else.

According to a HaMevaser report, the vaad is acting in response to numerous complaints from talmidim who feel they were harassed and pressured by officials in induction centers. As such, the vaad instructs anyone receiving a notice compelling them to appear in an induction center is to adhere to the instruction of gedolei yisrael shlita and not to sign any forms given to them by the IDF.

In addition, the vaad has sent its form to all yeshivos and if a talmid receives mail from the IDF, he is to contact rabbonim in his yeshiva and obtain a form that states he will continue learning as per the long-standing arrangement that has existed in Israel, without any change in his status.

It appears the stepped-up measures may also be the result of the fact that thousands of talmidim are going to be drafted into the IDF in the coming months.

The vaad has set up the following policy. A form is received by a talmid. He then contacts rabbonim from his yeshiva to receive a vaad form. The talmid signs the vaad form in front of an attorney after the talmid presents his identification card towards notarizing the validity of the declaration. In addition to attesting to one’s limud Torah as one’s profession, the form states the talmid commits at least 45 hours weekly to his studies and that he has been a talmid learning since age 16. The statement attests to the fact a talmid is not working and does not receive compensation for work in any form, and as such plans to continue learning under the arrangement that has been in place in the state over the past 60 years.

The form is filled out in duplicate, and one copy sent by registered mail to the appropriate induction center. The second copy is stored in the yeshiva files along with the receipt from the post office that the original copy was mailed to IDF authorities.

It is likely that if this procedure is followed as instructed by the rabbonim, many talmidim will be listed as failing to respond to the IDF draft order and arrest warrants will be issued against them and military police will likely begin visiting yeshivos to arrest those whose names appear on the warrants.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “stating they will continue learning and nothing else”.

    What are the instructions if the bochur is NOT planning to ‘continue learning and nothing else’?

  2. A very mild act of peaceful civil disobedience.

    When they try arresting people, it might get interesting.

    The yeshivos that accept government money are in bind, but the non-zionist ones (meaning the ones who don’t accept zionist money) can only be coerced by armed men entering the yeshiva and dragging people away, and being non-zionist they will think nothing of complaining to international organizations about human rights violations in Israel. It’s hard to argue that Israel is a haven for Jews, when you have people who are very obviously religious Jews complaining about oppression.

    The Israelis would be better off announcing that anyone who objects to army service on a halachic basis doesn’t have to serve, and simply won’t receive any government benefits beyond those given to anti-zionist Arabs – and perhaps combine that with giving subsidies to army veterans who wish to learn in yeshiva (similar to the support given university students).

  3. “Sign the vaad’s form stating they will continue learning and nothing else”. That’s real class! Don’t contribute to society: continue to learn, don’t consider working in the army, becoming a rebbe to teach our children, earning a parnasah in kasurus….

  4. Why constant talk about the evils of Zionism. Put the personal religious issues aside and recognize that people in the army put their lives on the line to protect those who are learning in yeshivas. How dare these people complain. Excluding Satmar, many other groups accept government cash. The “evil secular zionists” allow the religious to visit the kotel

  5. The Betrayer of Hevron just got his own head handed to him on a plater. This was done by the patriotic wing of the Likud. I am sure that he knows that if he had had to stand in the primaries, he would have been at the bottom of the list along with Begin, Meridor, et al. The anger and outrage that exists over his capitulation to Hamas has yet to find a focus. Should he add major violence by the Government against the Yeshivot, it will be interesting how this will translate into votes in the Knesset elections. I do not see the Likud benefiting at all from such actions. Due to his dirty tricks against Feiglin in the last election, the Likud lost anywhere from three to six mandates making it only the second largest party. He just barely squeaked in as the governing party. If he messes up again, he is finished.

  6. LBJ, first off, I would be the guy surfing the internet who utilizes proper grammer.

    Secondly, No I don’t know better than all the rabbonim, and I wont admit that. I doubt the quote above is the exact words of the leaders of the yeshiva. If it is, then I will tell you streight out, Yes, I completely disagree with their statement. I have the approach that those talmidai chachamin learning have greater potential, rather than “do nothing else”.