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Following Primaries – The New Face of the Likud

The big winner in the Likud primary election was Education Minister Gideon Saar, who earned the most votes. For residents of Yehuda and Shomron and supporters elsewhere, the big news is that finally, after being ousted by dirty internal politics in the past, Moshe Feiglin has earned a realistic spot and is expected to be an MK in the next government.

The party has clearly moved towards the political right-wing, resulting in Labor Party leader Shelly Yacimovich calling Likud “radical”. In actuality, the party moved in the direction of its political revisionist roots.

The first ten in the party lineup are;

1. Binyamin Netanyahu

2. Gideon Saar

3. Gilad Erdan

4. Silvan Shalom

5. Yisrael Katz

6. Danny Danon

7. Reuven Rivlin

8. Moshe Ya’alon

9. Ze’ev Elkin

10. Tzipi Chotovely

Those emerging without smiles on their faces include party notables who did not earn a realistic slot include Ministers Binyamin Begin, Avi Dichter, Michael Eitan and Dan Meridor.

Feiglin is in the 15th position so barring any major surprises; he should be an MK in the next Knesset.

The 11th to 20th slots as follows:

11. Yariv Levin

12. Yuli Edelstein

13. Chaim Katz

14. Miri Regev

15. Moshe Feiglin

16. Yuval Steinitz

17. Tzachi Hanegbi

18. Limor Livnat

19. Ofir Akonis

20. Gila Gamliel

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. “Feiglin is in the 15th position so barring any major surprises; he should be an MK in the next Knesset.”

    Considering the nature of the Betrayer of Hevron, we should expect him to pull off some sort of dirty trick. I suspect that when they add on the Yisroel Beitenu people for the unified list, there will be an effort to change the order of the Likud list. Possibly on the grounds that it is a new list and the two parties have the right to order the candidate however they wish.

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