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Committee Approves Major Kosel Plaza Renovations

The Jerusalem Planning Committee has approved major a number of major projects in the Old City, including a major renovation of the Kosel Plaza, larger than anything seen since it was liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967. The plan includes work in major areas, areas that have not been upgraded since 1977. The actual plaza of the Kosel will be enlarged by more than a half kilometer (3/10 mile).

A visitors center will also be constructed which will be in tandem with ongoing Kosel Heritage Foundation work to strengthen the Kosel’s foundation.

The entrance to the Old City via the Jaffa Gate will get a facelift too, along with a number of historic sites in the Old City. The work will include major infrastructure improvements addressing drainage, rain runoff, and lighting improvements. The area tourism office will be modernized and the Imperial Hotel, German Bank and Petra Hotel are slated for major work as well.

Also planned are improvements in public transportation which are expected to begin soon.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. It would be nice also if those idiots at the VIP parking checkpoint recognized a “Handicap Sticker or Sign” and allowed the person and auto to pass into the parking area, especially when it’s half empty. You can’t imagine how many times I have been turned away and was wasn’t able to visit the wall because I wasn’t able to walk so far.

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