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Porush: Bnei Yeshivos Must Vote for Yahadut HaTorah

The reality of Netzach running independently in the upcoming election is cause for concern among officials in Yahadut HaTorah, for in truth, it is quite possible the Yahadut HaTorah will lose a seat of more as a result of the new Ashkenazi litvish chareidi party.

Agudas Yisrael’s Meir Porush has issued a call to the Torah tzibur, instructing them to vote for Yahadut Hatorah. He explains that the party must earn sufficient votes to maintain its political weight, especially with the drafting of chareidim hanging in the balance of this upcoming election.

Speaking to a Bnei Brak kenos, Porush pointed out that one does not have to look to far, and one can see that since the cabinet decision on Sunday permitting chareidim to serve in a civilian service as an alternative to IDF service. That decision has come under fire, including a petition to the High Court of Justice seeking to challenge the validity of the cabinet’s move.

Porush reminds voters that over the years, Yahadut HaTorah has done a splendid job protecting the lifestyle of the chareidi tzibur and the party today needs the votes more than ever due to the threats facing the community today. Porush states that no other frum party can or will do as much as Yahadut HaTorah has and it is essential that the party gets as many seats as possible in the upcoming election.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Based on polls, which are admittedly known to understate haredim, its possible that both Ashkenazi haredi parties will fall below the threshold and disappear from the kenesset.

    Ironically, if the Ashkenazi haredi parties, Shas, and the various other Shomer Shabbos movements united, they would probably be the the second largest party, and would be in striking distance of forming a government at some point in the future (albeit they disagree radically over security matters, but not all that much over other issues).

  2. Its sad watching these political hacks desparately trying to maintain their grasp over the charedi tzibur who slow ly are moving to the center poltically and ignoring the dictates of rabbonim who try to tell them how to vote. Both sides in this debate have polarized the issue. There are reasonable alternatives for public service that will allow frum bochurim to serve their country while remaining true to daas torah. We cannot have an entire sector of society, which makes huge demands on public resources, simply say that everyone else must serve but NOT them. Porush is going down and seems intent on trying to drag others with him.

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