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Another Suspect Remanded in HaPeles Assault Case

The third suspect in the HaPeles assault case, who was arrested on Sunday 10 Teves 5773, was remanded for two days on Monday afternoon 11 Teves by Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Justice Anat Singer. The suspect is alleged to have taken part in the assault against HaPeles Editor-in-Chief Nati Grossman. Police asked that he remain behind bars, fearing that if released, he could interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Police told the court that it was obvious that he arrived in the police station for question well briefed, well prepared with his version of the events. He was also found carrying a piece of paper that detailed his alibi.

Defense attorney Rivkah Schwartz explained that the victim, Nati Gross previously had other affiliations and the father of her client and Grossman are close friends, seeking to persuade the court her client would not take part in such a crime. Schwartz added her client’s father is well known to a number of Gedolei Yisrael and represents one of the sides in the faction dispute, referring to Degel and Netzach.

Schwartz stated with confidence that her client is being framed in an act of revenge, explaining it is all connected to the change in leadership in Yated and the break-away within Degel.

Schwartz stated emphatically that her client did not play a role in the assault, and he is in no way connected. She stated there were two attackers, one in custody and the second “well known to police.”

One suspect was remanded on Sunday until Thursday, 14 Teves and a second released from custody on Monday, 11 Teves.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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