Shas: Even 13 Seats Will be a Failure


While the Friday 7 Shevat 5773 Channel 10 Dialogue poll shows Shas receiving 11 seats, party officials announce that even 13 seats will be viewed as a failure. In actuality, Aryeh Deri stated repeatedly in TV appearances during the election campaign that he remains confident the party will earn 20 or more seats despite pessimistic predictions by pollsters.

In actuality, many feel that Shas’ trio leadership arrangement is a failure and the mixed messages being sent to the public coupled with votes going to Bayit HaYehudi, Koach L’Hashpiah and Am Shalem will leave Shas in the single digits following elections.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There are three parties favoring Torah, and several more who will put up with Torah as long as it doesn’t get in the way. Three-hundred years, if you told someone that there would a “Jewish state”, and the pro-Torah parties would get only a quarter of the votes in an election, and the anti-Torah parties would win overwhlemingly, they would have thought you to be totally daft.

  2. Let’s see how the “trio” blamw each other tom for the faliure of shas to lift itself. The campaign was one of hate and bashing other parties rather than elevating themselves. Rather than being coolheaded about amsalem and amnon yitzchok they used hotheadedness and the sword which isn’t the torah way

  3. If you told the Jews that were being murdered in the holocaust that soon after the war there would be a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael; and that the chareidi parties would turn their backs on the security of the Jewish people living there just to get money for their housing, yeshivas & avreichim; and that the chareidi parties would turn their backs on fellow Jews, calling them “goyim” or other horrible & slanderous things; and that the chareidi parties would claim to be the only ones who own & control the Torah… well, let’s just say those holy, murdered Jews would be a tad upset – perhaps rolling over in their graves right about now.

  4. Let me be very clear – I don’t think the average chareidi person is like this or is bad… not at all! I’m upset with the chareidi parties and the chareidi system or society that has been created. I’m upset by the fact that the average chareidi person is being told to check their brains at the door, go against everything we’ve been taught as a people through the past 2,000 years and vote for a party that is not in the best interest of the Jewish people.

    The best interest of the Jewish people is in our security & our achdut combined with our Torah learning & davening. WE MUST DO OUR HISHTADLUS in protecting ourselves and living lives of achdut… then our learning & davening can make that hishtadlus successful. Hashem demands that we put forth our efforts and not simply rely on miracles!

  5. RBS.Jew bemoans the lack of achdus in klal Yisrael then immediately launches into a tirade against Gedolei Yisrael, the Hareidi parties and by extention the people who support them. Bizarre.

  6. #8 You think anyone here wants to hear lashon hara? Ranting against hareidi parties is only a fig leaf for ranting against the Gedolim who endorse them and the hareidi tzibur who support them. This isn’t how you help make hareidim less extreme.

    The perfect example is Shas which is a right-wing Zionist party and yet, for some strange reason, you seem to be on a campaign to shoot them down by reminding us how decades ago they abstained at Oslo. Like we really need to mention the age-long story of Israeli politics “vote right, get left”.

    Regardless, there are so many issues at stake this election. A little respect towards those who vote for what they believe in and yes WHO they believe in, be it Maran Yosef or Rav Shteinman, would go a long way here. Instead though you seem to be more in favor of playing the dati leumi victim card, warning off others of how extreme this place can be. That doesn’t exactly scream achdus to me.