ALERT – Scammers Targeting Drivers in Flatbush & Boro Park


Flatbush Shomrim is alerting the community of a scammers targeting unsuspecting drivers.

The two pictured individuals are going around Flatbush, claiming innocent drivers hit them with their vehicle and demand money in exchange for not calling 911.

There have been multiple reports in the past few weeks of these two individuals doing this scam. Shomrim has received reports from victims from the Shop Rite parking lot (McDonald Ave and Ave I), Rite Aid parking lot, and Coney Island Avenue from Avenue J to Avenue O. They basically hang around busy shopping areas.

They have been seen in Boro Park as well.

YWN has previously published an alert about this scam – along with a photo of a suspect wanted in connection to those crimes.

Sources tell YWN that one of the two new suspects in the attached photos may be a son of the previous scammer whose photo appears below. The father has been doing this scam for years.

Shomrim says if you were victimized, call 911 and Shomrim’s 24-hour hotline 718-338-9797 immediately.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. I had someone with a yarmulka try to do this to me on 46th street and 16th ave 2 weeks ago. He got distracted for a second, so B”h I was able to get away.