Arab Targeted in Tel Aviv Hate Attack


mishtara1Forty-year-old Hassan Usraf, a Tel Aviv Municipality employee was attacked on Purim on the city’s boardwalk. He told police that a group of Jewish youths began beating him. He remains in Ichilov Hospital with a fractured zygomatic arch and injuries to his jaw and other areas. The city sanitation worker was cleaning the area when the youths arrived.

“They asked me ‘are you an Arab?’ I told them to calm down. They shouted ‘you’re and Arab! You want a state!’ and began beating me. After they saw me bleeding quite a bit they fled. I work all day to make a simple living. I don’t get it” he told police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. And in Tel Aviv of all places for this to happen, strange that the muslim man was not invited in and given food, drink, money and offered a lift home with some geldt to feed his millions of starving Palestinians relatives, sorry just don’t believe it, correct the story please, Arab youths trying to steal from a drunk man who had charity/donated money from overseas donor in his pocket………

  2. The heading of this is trying to cause sensationalism and would not of believed this nes outlet would fall prey to this sort of garbage press reporting!