Frum Jews Suspected in Attack on Tel Aviv ‘Tiv Taam’ Store


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mishtAn arson attack was carried out on a Tiv Taam store, part of a nationwide chain that operates on Shabbos and sells non-kosher merchandise. Police investigators are certain the blaze that caused heavy damage to the store was the result of arson, with the store owner and chain management calling the scene “one similar to a suicide bombing attack”.

The attack occurred on Tuesday night in an Eben Givrol Street branch. An employee was injured in the blaze and transported to Ichilov Hospital.

The store owners are quite certain religious Jews are to blame, explaining similar attacks in recent years to other stores show the common denominator is that the stores are not kosher and operate on Shabbos and while this does not find favor with all Israelis, a small few feel that they have the right to take the law into their own hands. Tel Aviv police report the case is receiving high priority.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Yesterday, YWN published a story titled “The Israeli Media’s Perception of Chareidim”, and how that perception is very negative. I would imagine that this perception would improve if Chareidi leaders would denounce these attacks and similar anti-chiloni things.

    Is it possible that they ARE denouncing them but the Chiloni media does not publicize these denouncements? I doubt it, because if so, we would at least see it in the frum media, wouldn’t we?

  2. 1. I seriously doubt any of the alleged offenders ever asked a shailoh about what they were doing.

    2. Isn’t it helpful of the zionists to want to conscript such kids (they probably aren’t that much into learning anyways) and give them training in the correct way to blow things up????

  3. Unless I am reading the article incorrectly, there was no evidence that this was perpetrated by frum Jews nor are there any suspects. It is just the store owner saying that it must have been religious Jews.

    And his assumption is reported as fact. And accepted as such. Oy.

  4. The Chareidi leadership I am sure would never condone such an attack…but their hostile intolerance of even other Orthodox hoshkofas, much less frei Yidden, and the violence of their rhetoric on a host of issues I think makes it inevitable that some people will act this way. Deplorable

  5. we need some serious kiruv here for both sides if the alligations are correct. maybe by the pesach seder there will be an opportunity to do that. at least you have a license to be hakei es sheinov to the rashaim.