Bnei Brak’s ‘One Stop Center’ for Employment


wAn agreement was signed involving the Ministry of Industry & Trade and Bnei Brak City Hall by which the new “One Stop Center” will be launched in the Torah city. The project aims to open employment centers in all cities that host a “Mafteach” branch, with Bnei Brak being first on the list.

Former Minister Shalom Simchon addressed the ceremony, explaining his office placed a high priority on providing additional employment opportunities for the chareidi tzibur. The ministry, the Joint for Israel, Bituach Leumi and other agencies are partners in the “Mafteach” effort.

It is reported that over 2,000 people have already participated in the Mafteach program in Bnei Brak and these centers, which exist in chareidi communities, have become popular among those seeking employment.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)