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YWN Wishes Everyone A Beautiful & Kosher Pesach 5773

pesachOn this Erev Pesach morning of 5773 , YWN would like to thank our devoted readers across the globe for visiting YWN each day, patronizing our advertisers, and making our statistics continue to grow in greater strides than ever expected.

A debt of gratitude must be given to the dozens of people across the globe who constantly send us breaking news tips, photos, videos, and other valuable information which we then share with our readership.

Thanks to our entire staff of reporters, office personnel, our photo & video staff – including, the YWN Israel Team – working in our Jerusalem Headquarters, Yehuda Boltshauser (Kuvien Images), Hillel Engel, JDN, PhotoDynamics, and the rest of the team – for capturing as many photos & videos as possible of anything of interest for the YWN readership. Thanks to them, our photo gallery has close to 700,000 photos!

Special thanks to the entire staff at– most notably Duvy Perkowski.

On that note, YWN Editor would like to thank everyone once again for reading Yeshiva World News, and helping make YWN a household-name, and the site where people turn to for accurate news stories first.

Whether you will be traveling, at home, with family or with friends – we would like to personally wish you all a wonderful Yom Tov!

NOTE: Alternate Side Parking (street cleaning) regulations will be suspended from Tuesday, March 26 to Friday, March 29 for Passover. All other regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect.

Misaskim has made arrangements with a non-Jew to work with them regarding any incidents of Kovod Hames. Chas V’shalom if a person is Niftar on Yom Tov, and there is a possibility of an autopsy about to take place, or any other urgent legal matter, please call the Misaskim 24hr hotline number 718-854-4548 and it will be answered. Please note, this arrangement is for Kavod Hames related emergencies ONLY.

TRI-STATE HOSPITAL INFO: The Yehuda Memorial Center/Miriam Alexander, Founder, would like to inform the Jewish/Orthodox public about all the Yehuda Memorial Center Jewish Hospitality Rooms located in hospitals in the N.Y. Metropolitan area that are always available for use, and will be Kosher L’Pesach as of Shabbos Hagadol.

The following hospitals have a YMC Jewish Hospitality Room:

Beth Israel Medical Center Kings Highway,
Brooklyn Beth Israel Medical Center Petrie Division,
Manhattan NY Community Hospital,
Brooklyn Roosevelt Hospital,
Manhattan Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx,
NY NY Eye Ear Infirmary,
Manhattan North Shore University Hospital,
Manhasset, NY St. Vincent Cancer Center, Manhattan.

For more information or help, please call us at 866-287-6081 .

Chesed 24/7’s Hospitality Rooms have been meticulously cleaned and prepared for Pesach – stocked with machzorim, matzos, grape juice, yogurts, milk, Kosher L’Pesach snacks and food — and anything else a patient or their family may need during Pesach. The rooms are open and available 24/7 for use the entire Yom Tov should the need arise.

The Chesed 24/7 Hospitality Rooms are located in the following hospitals: Columbia – Milstein Pavilion, Columbia – Babies and Children’s Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York Hospital Weill Cornell, Hackensack University Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Hospital of Special Surgery, NY Downtown Hospital, Englewood Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Catskill Regional Medical Center (Harris Hospital).

YWN Editor.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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