Bill Thompson Discredits ‘Wildly Inaccurate’ Polls


YW-Bill Thompson Flatbush Fundraiser-002.jpgBill Thompson, pushed away from second place, doesn’t think much of the most recent public polls that show him stuck in the middle of the crowded Democratic field. The 2009 election outcome gives him reason to be skeptical.

“I think these polls are wildly inaccurate, I think they will continue to be that. I pay almost no attention to them,” Mr. Thompson told reporters after a speech at Hostos Community College. “They really don’t matter.”

A Marist poll released yesterday showed Thompson holding steady at just 11 percent support, trailing Quinn, Weiner and Bill de Blasio. A Rasmussen poll published over the weekend showed Mr. Thompson’s support in the single digits.

Asked if he was concerned about the amount of attention that Weiner currently commands, Thompson shrugged.
“Eh, I think the one thing that you realize is that things come and go,” Thompson said. “There’s ebb and flow. I just continue to move forward with the campaign. We’re continuing to ratchet things up on a daily basis.”

“Am I concerned about it?” he added. “No. I think that in the end it comes down to people are going to have to make a decision in September when they go to the polls. If I present a vision for the city of New York, if I’m in front of them and they know that I’m out there and they agree with that direction and that vision, I believe they’re going to vote for me.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)