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Satmar’s Rav Yitzchok Weiss on IDF Service

20130609_172751Satmar spokesman Rabbi Yitzchok Weis spoke to Channel 2 TV News about Sunday’s anti-Israel protest in Manhattan on Sunday, 2 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5773.

Rav Weiss explained Satmar’s position vis-à-vis the State of Israel and IDF service, adding efforts to prevent bnei Torah from continuing their limud only exacerbates the situation from their perspective.

When asked about sharing in the national defense burden and the fact that today the military offers Nachal Chareidi, Shachar and other units created to accommodate a chareidi lifestyle, Rav Weiss stated from Satmar’s point of view, chareidim serving in the so-called chareidi units suffer from a spiritual decline as well and unfortunately, serving in those units usually results in one become more distant from his Avodas Hashem.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. How true!
    Thanks for bringing other views to your site.
    I just would like to express my opinion. I think that ALL gedolim – not only Satmar – view this as a problem in Avodas Hashem, even with Nachal & Shachar. To my understanding, there is only disagreement on how to solve this problem. There are those that hold (not only Satmar) to go with “milchama” and others hold to rather try to work things out bedarkei noam.

  2. Neutra karta Speak This. Is nothing more then an excuse to demonstrate against isreal. But then again there whee those that actually worked with the nazis sand as these fools
    I never thought I’d say this but I miss the Joel of satamar at least he had control and u new where he was going

  3. All the Gedoilei Yisroel feel the same way and thats why they are fighting against it.
    But what did these lunatics gain by this protest???
    And what do they gain by violence???
    Nothing except major Chilulei Hashem!!!
    The difference between most of the Gedoilei Yisroel and Satmar is, that the Gedolei Yisroel dont believe that by protesting and attacking charedi soldiers the Gezeriah is going to become Botul. R’ Chaim Kaneviseky and R’ Ahron Leib Shteinman both said that the only way to combat this Gezeirah is by learning and davening not protesting and using violence.

  4. maybe it is Satmar who can not deal with the world and the non ideal Jewish state who are in remiss? The fact that a charadi joins the army is no worse than a charadi who works.

  5. The חכמים Teach us that when the evil king אחאב went to battle he was always successful even as an עובד עבודה זרה only because their was unity amongst בני ישראל. With unity we shall overcome our enemies, those who seek to destroy us. All this שנאת חינם of one another will bring the destruction of all.

  6. 1) there was no violence at this protest. It was a kiddush Hashem how thousands of yidden came together, no matter whether 20,000 as YWN claims or 75,000 as others claim, it still was a kiddush Hashem to see the behavior and middos how yidden behave when gathering together. You won’t find this elsewhere. ASHREI HA’OM SHEKOCHO LO! now I know you will reply by off-tracking from the subject and start about the protests going on in Israel. That’s a discussion by itself which I don’t won’t to get into now.

    2) זה לשון קדשו של מרן הקהלת יעקב זצ”ל בקריינא דאיגרתא איגרת רמ”ט: אבל על הרבנים היראים שבחו”ל ועל “כל שומרי התורה” ודאי חובה להרעיש על כל פירצה ופגיעה בתוה”ק כי ממחאות היהדות שבחו”ל עדיין הם מפחדים וכו’ ואולי יזכו ג”כ להגדיר משהו על ידי המחאות, והדברים ארוכים ואין בי כח להאריך, עכ”ל
    I respect the daas Torah that don’t believe in protesting, but I guess the larger Yeshivishe oilem would rather stick to the Steipler Goan’s view.

    3)to your question What do these …. gain by this protest (by the way, to call Reb Elya Ber Wachtfogel that way is bizoyan Talmidei Chachomim, Hevai Zohur Begachloson!), I again respect your view on this and don’t chas vesholom mean to degrade the gedolim who have this view, but we stick to the teachings of Moron Reb Aharon Kotler zt”l.
    וז”ל בספרו משנת רבי אהרן: חשיבות הכינוס וזעקת המחאה אינם רק בבחינת התועלת שבדבר והתוצאות שיהיו לכך וכו’,שזהו הביטוי לכאב על הזלזול בכבודו של מלך וכו, ולכן גם אם לא יושג שום שינוי אצל הגורמים שהביאו לכך, הרי התועלת מכך היא כפולה וכו’ שע”י המחאה על הזלזול בתורה והרס הדת, וההכרזה שדבר זה בנפשנו הוא,בודאי יתעוררו רחמי שמים למעלה ויעצר הסחף בשמירת התורה ומצוותיה בכל התחומים. וכו’ ואלו המתנגדים למחאות הרי שתיקתם כהודאה גמורה!
    And that is exactly why 40 buses wasn’t enough to bring the thousands of attendees from lakewood yesterday.

  7. #5
    Top of the morning,eh

    In the short term

    In the longer run he caused the eventual obliteration of the 10 tribes/states that continues to this day..
    Top of the morning to you
    have some coffee

    It is different dramatically

  8. If the zionists attempt to conscript anti-zionist hareidim, they are probably picking a fight that could end disasterously for the Israelis.

    If the choose to exempt anti-zionists or grounds of religion and conscience, they have effectively switched to a volunteer army.

    It seems the Israelis are good at painting themselves into a corner. They should have been content to exempt hareidim on the theory they were too busy learning, and not have to confront the fact that there are serious halachic objections to the Israeli government and its policies.

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