Israel: Cracking Down on Unlicensed Schools


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chederFollowing the recent damaging Finance Ministry report on the Shas’ affiliated Mayan Chinuch education system; it appears many mosdos will no longer be eligible for national government funding. Amid the many deficiencies cited in the treasury report, officials documented that 30 schools operated in the closing school year without necessary permits. They nevertheless received funding from the Chareidi Unit of the Ministry of Education. This however appears to be history and such schools will not be funded in the 5774 school year.

For some of the schools, the situation will be even more severe as they are likely to face a closure order due to the array of safety and health violations.

The fact that schools which are “recognized” but not officially public schools, which is the case for many chareidi schools, permits them to operate under the radar regarding operating permits. The treasury report however changed this as state officials are scrutinizing requests for government assistance and schools lacking the required paperwork will be without funding or event shut down.

This is likely to create more stress in the chareidi community, which is already suffering from severe school overcrowding.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Not funding – no one really expects people who oppose Torah to fund Torah schools – defunding them is an annoyance but frum parents and teachers are largely unaffected since Torah is our principle value

    Not allowing – meaning sending in armed men to close the schools, arrest the sponsors, and “in the best interests of the child” take the child and enroll them in schools to educate them as good Israelis, i.e. as secular zionists

  2. Hmmm. Don’t understand why they are going after just Chareidim. Wait, maybe they are the only ones running a parallel school system that under educates their students? The Chareidim just don’t understand.

  3. most charadi mosdot have people out snorring money to compensate for the small amount that they were getting from the government, now they will just have to get more money via schnorring – but it will be well worth it to teach Torah and no appikorsis to the pure children.

  4. because the 49 girls in my daughters elemetary school class is not enough already? Yet the finance ministry refuses to allocate enough funds for more teachers to make smaller classes. This is called ‘education’. I call it ‘suffocation’.

  5. #5 The government pays for 30 hours a week per student and the the maximum students per class room is 40.

    I can think of two possible reasons for your daughters school to exceed the maximum classroom size.

    Its possible that school doesn’t have enough space to open another classroom and instead of sending the kids to another school they are allowing the oversize classes.

    It is also possible that the school is playing games with the budget.