Porush: My Children Will Go to Prison Rather than Enter the IDF


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porushIn his Knesset plenum address on Wednesday, 25 Tammuz 5773, MK Meir Porush announced that if the order is given for chareidi males to enter the IDF, his sons will go to jail since they prefer to adhere to the words of the admorim.

Porush explained that he is the father of 12 and today he still has two boys at home, one 18 and the younger one 16. He stated that even if the Knesset approves the bill passed by the Peri Share the Burden Committee, his sons will never enter the IDF. They will opt to go to jail towards adhering to the words of admorim and roshei yeshiva.

He made a point of emphasizing that his sons listen to their rabbonim, so there is no doubt that if it comes down to it, there is no doubt they will opt for prison over IDF service.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Did it occur to anyone that all of the current turmoil in the Middle East with Egypt and Syria is related to this Yeshiva draft initiative?

    “Yatzev Gevulos Amim, Lemispar Bnei Yisroel”–everything Hashem does is for Yisroel, and especially for his devoted students the Bnai Torah.

    The turmoil will force all these anti-religious fanatics to turn their attention to the arabs and away from the Yeshivos.

  2. Why this is important is that he is someone who has been pro-zionist, has accepted government money, has held office under the zionists, served in the IDF and until recently supported military service by Hareidim who weren’t learning full time. One would normally expect resistance (draft refusal, civil disobedience, etc.) from anti-zionist hareidim such as the Eidah Hareidis (who refused government money and did not participate is the Israeli political system). Having a member of the frum establishment now sounding like an anti-zionist is significant, and shows how much the anti-Torah policies of the Lapid/Bennett alliance have alienated a considerable portion of the Shomer Mitsvos population.

  3. I am not sure what this comment and others like it will accomplish. No one is arresting his sons. The Porrush family can manage without going to the army. What will happen to the little guy who is not connected?

  4. Big talker.

    Only problem is that NO ONE Haredi will be forced to go the IDF. There is no such plan.

    The only ones who would go to jail are those who refuse to REGISTER.

    Then, the 25% best 18-year-olds will be allowed to be totally exempt.

    The remaining 75% will be given the CHOICE between national service (akin to what Dati Leumi girls do) and full IDF.

    Those who do neither WILL NOT BE ARRESTED, but will lose the government’s financial support.

    So, it could be that Porush’s sons would rather go to jail, where they WILL be supported (free meals, free room and board), rather than take any of the other options.

    Could be that’s what he meant, as being without government support is apparently NOT an option.

  5. Even if they are not fulfilling “Torasu Umanasu”? Why you went to enlist in Shlav Bet after learning in yeshiva gedolah?

  6. Very, very helpful. And I’m sure it’s fine with him when MY Dati L’Umi nephew and his friends are killed, ch’v, so that HIS precious sons can continue to heat the seats of the beis medrosh. His arrogance is contemptible beyond words.