Two NYPD Transit ‘Hero’ Cops, Risk Lives To Save Two Crash Victims


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nypdsOn Thursday July 4th, 2013, at 6:25AM, Police Officer Eddie Wong and Police Officer Annette Lancaster of Transit District 34 were on patrol in the vicinity of Avenue T and McDonald Avenue within the confines of the 61 Precinct. The officers came across a one car accident at the location, where the vehicle struck a pillar which supports an elevated train track, and the vehicle was ablaze with two of the three occupants still inside the 2007 Lincoln MKX.

The officers went over to the vehicle and tried to extricate the two front seat occupants as the vehicle’s compartment filled with smoke. The officers began to break the windows with their asps to ventilate the vehicle. Due to the damage from the accident, the front doors would not open. Local residents assisted the officers and successfully forced the driver’s door open allowing them to bring the 27 year old male to safety while the other occupant remained stuck in the passenger side. Both officers labored to free the 55 year old female passenger as the flames grew in intensity and inched closer to the cabin area. A community resident handed P.O. Wong a fire extinguisher who used it to combat the growing flames. Both officers were then able to successfully free the passenger through the window and removed her to safety.

P.O. Wong suffered a strained right shoulder and smoke inhalation while P.O. Lancaster suffered lacerations to her hands as well as smoke inhalation. Both officers were removed to Maimonides Hospital for treatment. The 3 vehicle occupants were transported to Lutheran Hospital, conscious and alert with minor injuries.

(YWN Desk – NYC)