Flatbush Shomrim & NYPD Arest Package Thief


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fsspnSince the beginning of the summer, the New York City Police Department & Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol have received numerous calls from residents with complaints that UPS & FedEx packages shipped to their homes and left on their porches had been stolen. Apparently the thief would target houses where no one was home and steal unattended packages. The perpetrator, attempting to look official, would walk onto the porch with a clipboard and steal the packages and place them into his vehicle. The Flatbush Shomrim and the NYPD, working with video footage obtained from one of the victims, have been looking for the package thief for the past month. Today, the vigilance and persistence paid off.

Chaim Deutsch, founder of The Flatbush Shomrim, received a frantic call from a woman vacationing upstate. She told Mr. Deutsch that as she was expecting packages to be delivered to her home, as well as being a victim two weeks prior, she decided to monitor her cameras from upstate NY. To her amazement, there was the thief removing packages from her porch. Mr. Deutsch immediately contacted a member of Flatbush Shomrim to locate the thief while also alerting the NYPD.

The responding Flatbush Shomrim member immediately began a canvass of the area. Within several minutes, he spotted the thief with a clipboard in hand which fit the description exactly. The thief then got into an ambulette vehicle that he was driving and proceeded to leave the scene. The eagle-eyed member on the call then contacted Mr. Deutsch who was on the phone with Captain John Rowell, the commanding officer of the 63rd precinct, who immediately dispatched additional officers. Within five minutes, the responding officers pulled over the ambulette and arrested the perpetrator. In the vehicle, the police recovered six stolen packages and a taser gun. The 70th precinct was also contacted as they too had reports of similar thefts. In addition to the homeowners, UPS and FedEx were also pressing charges. The Flatbush Shomrim and its founder Mr. Deutsch are very proud to have been able to assist the community in apprehending this perpetrator.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Who said SHE is not getting a thank you?

    But in reality, the Shomrim and Police deserve a bigger thanks. The woman was protecting her packages, However, Shomrim and Police were doing a selfless act in protecting the public from this thief.

  2. Remember Chaim Deutsch is the founder of the Flatbush Shomrim & this is one of the reasons he needs your vote for City Council in the September 10th Primary if you live in the 48th Council District.