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Rockland County: Lacorte Thrown Off The Ballot By Party’s BOE Commissioner

lacorteSuffern mayor Dagan Lacorte, who’s running a fierce campaign against the establishment, in the race for Rockland County Executive, was thrown off the September ballot by the Democratic Party’s Election commissioner who is known to support Schoenberger.

“Today’s actions prove what our campaign has been saying since Day One — Rockland is run by political insiders who will do anything to stay in power and prevent any and all opposition,” Mr. Lacorte said in a statement. “David Fried is attempting to disenfranchise Democratic voters from participating in the democratic process. He seeks to throw out hundreds of Democratic signatures from my petitions. Aiding in his effort is Kristen Stavisky, who serves as both Chair of the Rockland County Democratic Committee and Rockland County Commissioner of Elections. Almost immediately after announcing my candidacy, Stavisky has consistently and repeatedly tried to torpedo it. Fried and Stavisky’s actions make it clear that the political establishment will do anything to stay in power and continue Rockland on its path towards financial ruin.”

Late last night, my opponent David Fried and the Rockland Democratic party boss disenfranchised hundreds of Rockland Democrats by manipulating the election laws to throw me of the primary election ballot and deny the voters of our community a choice in the primary.

In am email to supporters, Friday morning, A defiant Lacorte made clear he’s not leaving the race without a fight.
“In pathetically and wrongly disqualifying petition signatures from confirmed registered Democrats, they proved what I’ve said since we started this campaign– the political insiders who destroyed Rockland’s finances with their pay raises and patronage will do whatever they can to stay cling to power.”

Mr. Lacorte went on to accuse the Democratic County Chairman of political assassination. “The Board of Elections, run by the Rockland Democratic party chair, only accepted 1926 of the necessary 2000 petition signatures required. I’ve retained New York’s top election lawyer, Jerry Goldfeder and am 100% confident the courts will validate at least an additional 74 signatures, overrule this baseless decision and restore my name to the ballot.”

“I will fight with everything I have to make sure the people have a choice in the September 10th primary,” he added.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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