The Siyum Is Nearly Sold Out


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The Siyum is nearly sold out. Did you reserve your seat yet?

In just 63 days, more than a quarter of a million Lomdei Daf Yomi around the world, 30,000+ Masmidei HaSiyum and more than 11,000 Chavrei HaSiyum together with their families and myriads of other celebrants will join together in the greatest celebration of Torah. Don’t’ wait another minute.

The greater your partnership, the greater your impact.

This is your last chance to partner with The Siyum. Every seat reserved helps support the Torah generated by The Siyum.

The Siyum is not about the event itself on January 1, but about what continues afterward.

Your seat reservation will make you a partner in the expansion of Torah learning through the Ki Heim Chayeinu Initiative for the next seven and a half years.

Reserve your tickets now by clicking here.


  1. Rabbosai when you see the word partner it means you are becoming their partner you are almost like a sponsor it is code word for you will pay a lot.

  2. First of all the earlier siyumim of 1990 ,1997 and 2005
    the anticipating atmosphere was organic if one recalls
    originally Agudah had no sense of how much the atmosphere would breed
    and that they had to expand venues more than previously assumed
    today it is the reverse
    they bombard consistently such constant us to attend

    The last one virtually every pause there consistently were such constant incessant clapping
    it ruined the atmosphere of what should be the Lasting Impressions of the
    the whole event

    I lost my interest and I do not intend to show up