Rav Lau to Residents Of South: “We’re Protected by the Iron Dome of the Creator of The World”


Rav Dovid Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, traveled to Israel’s south on Wednesday to be mechazek the residents residing there.

Rav Lau told the beleaguered residents, who have been living under a constant barrage of rockets since Tuesday: “We’ve merited to live in the land about which the Torah testifies: ‘The land which the eyes of Hashem your G-d are on it from the beginning of the year until the end of year.’ The eyes of Hashem are on it and we see and hear sounds of explosions slightly south and east from here. They’re firing at us without regard to men, women and children but they’re firing at those protected by the Iron Dome of the Creator of the Word.”

“We’ll fortify ourselves with kibbud av v’eim,” continued Rav Lau, “to show the Creator of the world that we’re worthy of His protection and bracha. We’ll fortify ourselves with shemiras Shabbos kodesh. Shabbos has safeguarded and protected Am Yisrael for generations. We’ll fortify ourselves with our bond to the mesorah of the generations of our ancestors. This mighty Iron Dome which Hakadosh Baruch Hu guides should send bracha and hatzlacha to all IDF soldiers and security forces and be of assistance in guarding Am Yisrael in His land,” Rav Lau concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And it doesn’t hurt to have a few dozen anti-missile batteries spread around as well for those times the Ebeshter has his hands full with some other matters. The next time a brave young IDF chayal is ready to fire off a missile to take out an incoming IJ/Hamas rocket otherwise headed to a Chareidi beis medrash in the South, he will hopefully tune out the memory of the last time he tried to enter a shul to daven and was attacked for simply being IDF.

  2. Rabbi Lau: You don’t need my haskamah; but these words need to be said to the politicians, especially those who promote Chilul Shabbos, feminism and chareidy bashing.

  3. DavidtheKanoi….umein, v’umein, especially the part about feminism. Rav Lau should start by taking steps to immediately remove all the women who were recently elected as MKs who may view themselves as “feminists” and will likely vote on behalf of increasing opportunities for women in the economy and removing barriers to women generally.

  4. I have nothing against giving opportunities in the economy to ladies. In fact many of my female relatives in Israel work.
    But allowing female singers to perform and forcing solders to listen, prohibiting separate seating, allowing ladies to hold a minyan at the Kosel etc. does not help anyone besides from breaking the country and Jewish society apart.