Watch! Dovid Lowy Releases New Song and Video- SHIRU


Just in Time For Chanuka, Shiru is all about singing praises to our Creator and being thankful for the miracles of every day life despite our challenges. We are all showered with His blessings. This fun and happy video is a reminder of that message as Dovid and the Ice cream team make their rounds cheering up those who are having a rough day- and reminding them that life is awesome!

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CREDITS Composed & Produced By: Dovid Lowy (DL Productions) Arranged By: Vlad Orzhakhovski and Ian Freitor of Playmaster Studios Mixed and Mastered By: Playmaster Studios 
Lyrics By: Miriam Israeli Backing Vocals By: Yitzy Waldner Video Credits: Script and Concept by Dovid Lowy Video and Edit By: Elisha Zakai Dancers- Sliding Feet Show Actors: Lavey Freedman Avraham Wise Kid Actors: Yehoshua Mernick Michal Mernick Yisrael Meir Mernick Special Thanks: (Auto Ice Cream)אוטו גלידה Hatzala Beit Shemesh Mernick Family Mom & Dad Shlomo Lowy
Lyrics: האור שבעיניים והכוח בידיים ערב, בוקר וצהריים אלו הם ניסיך ונפלאותיך כל דרך בה הלכתי כל דבר אותו הצלחתי ואני בחסדך בטחתי כי אתה הקל הכול ממך ולבדך נשיר הלל שירו שירו לו ונספר תהילתו נבשר מיום ליום ישועתו יחד עם מלאכי עליון על הניסים שבכל יום גם עלינו לשבח לאדון אדון הכול
Bridge: So every day of our lives We gotta open our eyes To see the miracles all around And thank the One up above For His unstoppable love And I just keep noticing The many wonderful things And the blessings that can be found So come and join with me Gonna sing it out loud