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Dov Hikind Likes Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio For Mayor


This morning we reported that Assemblyman Dov Hikind is set to endorse Bill Thompson for mayor next week. Moments later, Mr. Hikind released a blog post denying the rumors yet not addressing who he will at the end endorse for mayor.

While Mr. Thompson was ultimately the presumed Frontrunner in a possible runoff primary, Bill de Blasio has just recently emerged as the Frontrunner in the Democratic primary, adding headache to Mr. Hikind who would love to side with the winning candidate.

“Not surprisingly there are rumors going around regarding who I will support for NYC’s next mayor,” Mr. Hikind wrote on his blog. “While the attention to my endorsement is flattering, it should be known that my endorsements of any candidates have never had anything to do with politics. I have only endorsed candidates who I personally felt would be best for our community and the issues that are most important to us.”

“With regards to Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson (listed here alphabetically, or by height if you prefer) I believe both of these men would be great for the Jewish community. They are both men of excellent character and I have enjoyed both a personal and professional relationship with each of them,” he added.

Citing his personal relationships with the two candidates, Mr. Hikind said he likes both of them based on their past experience dedicated to help with the community’s needs:

“Bill de Blasio and I met him when he was running Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Senate. We had the opportunity then to talk about my commitment to the Jewish people, to Israel, and to the issues that were vital to our community. From that day on, Bill and I have continued building a deep friendship.

“Bill Thompson and I go back even further—more than 30 years. I’ve know his family, his father Judge William Thompson Sr., and I have always had immense respect for Bill’s opinions and his commitment to doing the right thing.

“With both of these men, our differences have never mattered as much as our common ground. With both men, the Jewish community has received and will continue to receive respect and sensitivity to the issues that matter to us. Time and again, both men have stood with me on important matters facing our city and our community. Both have worked with me to combat anti-Semitism and racism. Both have sat at my Shabbos table with their families and mine.”

“Bill de Blasio is sensitive to the issues that we care about. So is Bill Thompson. Either would make an excellent, caring, responsible mayor and choosing one over the other will be a very difficult task for me. But whoever wins the election, our community wins.”

Only time will tell who Mr. Hikind will endorse for mayor. Both candidates are expected to do well in the Orthodox community, regardless of this endorsement or another, although Bill de Blasio’s policies, when it comes to issues at great concern in the community, are way to the left than any candidate running for mayor in decades.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. Dov should check with his constituents. Neither of these candidates is preferred. Both have called for an end to stop and frisk( which of course saves lives amongst them jewish lives). Mr. Di Blasio is in favor of the Obama class warfare ,”soak the rich” and tax them until they leave the city. While thompson was correct on many issues when he pandered to a group on Traybon Martin( It was a race issue when all the investigations and the Jury thought otherwise) and then became so extreme on Stop and Frisk it should cause us to pause and think before we jump and that includes our representatives.

  2. Wait let’s see who’s the front runner tomorrow and then decide. Oh but then again that could change next week. How is poor Dov supposed to endorse the winner if the projections keep changing.

  3. Your constant articles stating how unimportant dov’s endorsements are, are very telling. Your pointed vicious attack articles against dov are shameful and against halacha. Give it a rest. There was no news here just venemous sarcasm.

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