Bus Driver at Fault in Highway 6 Accident that Killed Four


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SAM_3686According to investigators, the fatal accident two weeks ago in which a bus clipped the side of a parked truck on Highway 6 that claimed four lives was the fault of the bus driver.

The bus driver was not maintaining adequate distance from the vehicles in front of him in addition to the Metropolin Bus Company driver not being sufficiently alert.

While it was first believed the truck driver was also to blame for parking on the shoulder irresponsibly, it was learned he was compelled to stop due to mechanical problems and he parked the truck as far onto the should as possible. The truck did protrude into the right lane due to the narrow shoulder, but police feel the bus driver could have easily avoided striking the parked truck.

Police reenacted the incident with the bus driver, determining that he was tailgating and he was not alert. Police experts report the bus driver could have and should have avoided striking the parked truck but his field of vision and time allotted him were limited due to his tailgating. Police ruled out the bus driver using his cell phone at the time of the accident.

Police add that on the advice of his attorney the bus driver stopped cooperating with investigators. Police are now deciding if a criminal indictment will be filed against the driver.

In addition to the fatalities, over 30 people were injured in the accident.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)