Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Crash


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Kobe Bryant, the 18-time NBA All-Star who won five championships and became one of the greatest basketball players of his generation during a 20-year career spent entirely with the Los Angeles Lakers, died in a helicopter crash Sunday. He was 41.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash near Calabasas, California, a source told The Associated Press. It was unclear if family members were on the helicopter.

Bryant retired in 2016 as the third-leading scorer in NBA history, finishing two decades with the Lakers as a prolific scorer with a sublime all-around game and a relentless competitive ethic. He held that spot in the league scoring ranks until Saturday night, when the Lakers’ LeBron James passed him for third place during a game in Philadelphia, Bryant’s hometown.

“Continuing to move the game forward (at)KingJames,” Bryant wrote in his last tweet. “Much respect my brother.”

Bryant had one of the greatest careers in recent NBA history and became one of the game’s most popular players as the face of the 16-time NBA champion Lakers franchise. He was the league MVP in 2008 and a two-time NBA scoring champion, and he earned 12 selections to the NBA’s All-Defensive teams.

He teamed with Shaquille O’Neal in a combustible partnership to lead the Lakers to NBA titles in 2000, 2001 and 2002. He later teamed with Pau Gasol to win two more titles in 2009 and 2010.



  1. What a twisted politician…I don’t remember Netanyahu sharing even half those remarks regarding any of the great Jewish personalities who had passed on in the past decade…!

  2. Compared to the drumbeat of bad behavior that seems to have become the norm in many professional sports, Bryant was a role model for younger athletes. He was a real mentsch.
    He has done more chesed and been a bigger baal tzadakah than many others whose passing has been noted here on YWN.

  3. Who is moderators note
    @festabachurmibangeladash is 100% right who cares and why is it on this website
    1st of all if we do care then there are 100s of other ppl who die every day that are not on here, so by posting this your idolizing sports and us jews are happy not to be busy with that
    2nd by YWN posting it is one of the many reasons bad things are happening in the world this website has an agenda and is subconsciously corrupting ppl the way we view things .

  4. So which tragedies or retributions (“poraniyos”) — all of which are for the sake of Yisroel — are suitable news items for a Chareidi news site? If a woman is assaulted or sold into slavery for immoral purposes, should that also be reported? If a fire breaks out in some nightclub where various disgraceful and retrograde activities were transpiring, maybe you should report that too? And in great detail, since all of it is”bishvil Yisroel.” Not saying that Mr. Bryant was a wicked person, but there are some “news items” that your readership is not accustomed to reading on YWN, Will you also report the upcoming super bowl ?

  5. i dont get it. if u think this news shouldn’t be of interest to u, as a yeshivish person, then dont open the whole post. the caption very clearly lets u know what it will be abt…