WATCH: Yaffa Issachar Cries When Seeing Chabad Shliach, “He Helped Me Before Anyone Else Helped Me”


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Kan News interviewed Naama Issachar’s mother Yaffa on Thursday morning in Moscow as she shared the news about her daughter’s release from Russian prison with Rabbi Shea Deitsch, the Chabad shaliach in Moscow who had accompanied her on the long journey from the very beginning.

Yaffa heard the news about her daughter’s release the same way everyone else did – on the news. She was not officially informed of the development by the Russian authorities.

“Yaffa is a symbol and example of ‘eim ha’banim s’meicha,’ Rabbi Deitsch said to Kan.

“He was the first person who saw [Naama],” Yaffa said emotionally, with tears running down her face. “He was the one who helped me the entire time.”

“Why are you so emotional right now?” the Kan reporter asked Yaffa. “Because he helped me – he helped me before anyone else helped me,” Yaffa repeated.

On Wednesday night, Yaffa went to the home of Chief Rabbi of Russia, Harav Berel Lazar, to thank him personally for his efforts for Naama’s release.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. this is one very lucky young woman who should be shamed with her choice of life____while real soldiers are held captive this young woman disobeyed rule and consequences___bless that she uses this gift well….there need be more modesty

  2. Chabad runs Moscow.
    Chabad runs Washington.
    Chabad runs Israel…
    “nation after nation they are conquering”
    This is their song:
    Shulchai Adoneinu
    From 770 we’re marching out
    On to victory with out a doubt
    From corners four we’re marching happily
    Nation after nation we are conquering
    Shluchai Adoneinu to bring Moshiach Tzikeinu
    Tomorrow there’ll be golus no more
    And we’ll win this golus war