Hitler’s Jewish Neighbor Celebrates 101st Birthday

Credit: Druid Stoke Bupa Care Home)

A Jewish woman who lived in the same apartment block as Hitler celebrated her 101st birthday this week, BristolLive, a news website based in Bristol, UK, reported.

Alice Frank-Stock, currently a resident of Bristol, was born in 1918 in the German town of Augsburg but her parents moved to Munich when she was three months old.

As a child, one of her neighbors was Adolf Hitler, who lived in Munich until he became chancellor of Germany in 1933 and moved to Berlin. However, even after becoming chancellor he still maintained his apartment in Munich.

Mrs. Frank-Stock was Hitler’s neighbor for about a decade and remembers seeing him enter and leave the apartment block on a couple of occasions. She also once saw him being escorted inside his apartment by two SS guards and on another occasion, she spotted him in an opera house in Munich.

When the Nazis rose to power, Mrs. Frank-Stock’s father, who served as a judge in the High Court in Munich, was asked to retire. Jews were banned from attending university in Germany so Mrs. Frank-Stock’s parents sent her to Switzerland when she was 17, and in 1937 she moved to London to attend a secretarial college.

“My parents stayed in Munich and I got a job in London but then the situation in Germany got much worse,” she said. “The day after the Crystal Night a friend of my parents rang them up saying her husband had been taken to a concentration camp.”

Mrs. Frank-Stock’s father narrowly avoided being sent to a concentration camp and he and his wife managed to escape to London in 1939 on one of the last trains out. A permit to enter the UK at the time cost £1,000 which the family didn’t have but Mrs. Frank-Stock’s father owned a valuable violin which they accepted instead.

Mrs. Frank-Stock settled in England, working for the BBC and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) over the years.

She moved to Bristol after she married her Bristolian husband, whom she met while working for the OECD in Paris. She now resides at Druid Stoke Bupa Care Home in Bristol.