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IDF Chief of Personnel: No Ceremonies Without Women

idffnThe IDF has committed to make the required changes to accommodate the expected influx of chareidi inductees. This includes food with the required hechsher, kitchens with mashgichim and other aspects of life, including bases staffed exclusively with male personnel.

Some time ago the issue of ‘kol isha’ became a prominent one as frum soldiers felt compelled to walk out of IDF ceremonies in which female vocalists performed. Some soldiers gave up careers as officers to cling to their adherence to Halacha as their rabbonim instructed them to act.

Speaking with Channel 2 TV’s Meet the Press, IDF Chief of Personnel Branch Major-General Orna Barvibai acknowledged that she expects a marked increase in the number of chareidim inducted into the military in the coming years. When asked to comment on the issue of female performers at official military ceremonies, Barvibai was quick to clarify that the increase in the number of chareidim in the military will not be “at the expense” of female personnel. She assured listeners that females will continue to appear at ceremonies.

“We expect to double the number of chareidim in the next four years but this will not occur at the expense of females in the IDF” the senior officer stated. Barvibai added that additional doors will continue to open for women wishing to serve in an array of units, citing “92% careers are available to women today, including combat positions.

Barvibai explained that there is no reason to increase the presence of one sector at the expense of another and the IDF can and will accommodate additional chareidim without this new reality stifling the women. She stated there will not be any ceremonies that do not include women.

“The induction [of chareidim] will cost the nation but it is a price worth paying.” She explained the inclusion of the chareidim is the right thing towards maintaining a people’s army. “We do not wish to give up on this potential induction base.”

She explained that drafting chareidim will not be enforced until the new law is passed, but added the numbers continue to climb today nonetheless.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

8 Responses

  1. THERE YOU GO!!!!!!
    For all americans that just don’t understand why a non learner or working boy shouldn’t join the arm. This, my friend , is your answer. This govt is built on apikorsim. They have never shown or proven that they’re willing to protect the chareidim in their way of life. The army is overstaffed; they don’t need more workers. They’re very into impressing the world and wanting to westernise and think that this is the way. Between these remarks, the talis katan story and the kol isha story last year. A boy that doesn’t learn and chas vesholom joins the army has the potential of having irreligious grandkids. I’m saying this from personal experience.

  2. The Israel desk of YWN strikes again!!!! Misleading headline and meanigless article! Of course, all the israel haters jumped on the (false) bandwagon and thundered…..emptily! All that was reported was the fact that women will serve in the IDF and that they would be present at ceremonies. Did you expect anything else? Nowhere does it even hint at the grotesque picture that seems to have emerged- chareidim forced at gunpoint to listen to women singing! Quite the contrary- explicitly,it made clear that the IDF is making great strides in accomodating chareidim. For a long time now, we know that the YWH israel desk has its own agenda and deliberately distorts headlines and facts.

    Moderators Response: And rabbiofberlin keeps reading and reading and reading and reading YWN… fun fun….

  3. Rabbi of Berlin,

    The leadership of the IDF continually shoots themselves in the foot. The average soldier and officer doesn’t want to be involved in this type of machlocus.

    In terms of whether people think the IDF is treif or not,each Jew has to be a guarantors out for those shomrei Shabbas soldiers, who were promised accomodation within the IDF.

    Rabbi of Berlin, can you see why people are upset? Read Parshas Netzavim and realize that a Jew has a chiyuv to be a guarantor for other Jews to keep mitzvahs.

  4. #5 you’re obviously not charedi. If they want charedim in the military (which will never happen in any case) they must first get rid of ALL women in the military whether they sing or not! Charedim cannot be in the same military with shkatzim and shiktzat. Get it?

  5. To Athought; actually- NO- I do NOT get it! Your total disrespect for people who are protecting you from harm disqualifies you from ever commenting on the IDF!
    define: the ones who ‘are upset’ will be “upset” at anything happening in eretz yisroel- they don’t believe in the land of israel and nothing will convince them…

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