The Incredible Story Of The Embarrassed Chassan


The mashpiah Rav Meilech Biderman told an incredible story at a gathering in the Viznitzer yeshivah Yeshuos Moshe in Kiryat Sefer this week, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Rav Biderman told the bochurim that last Wednesday, on yud ches Shevat, a Vitznitzer avreich approached him and told a moving story.

“‘My brother got married last year and his Aufruf was exactly a year ago on yud ches Shevat,” the avreich said. ‘His Aufruf was at the big beis medrash in Kiryat Vitznitz and there were ten chassanim that Shabbos in the beis medrash.

‘Like every Shabbos, every chassan is told beforehand which aliyah he’ll receive so that his female relatives in the ezras nashim will be ready to throw the pekelach.

‘My brother was called up for his aliyah and the men began to sing for him but for some reason the women weren’t yet ready to throw the pekalach. My brother was so embarrassed that the men sang for him and no pekelach were thrown on him that he covered his face with his bekeshe.

‘After the davening was over, my sister, who was already married a few years but didn’t yet have children approached her brother and begged him to forgive the women for inadvertently embarrassing him and in that zechus, he should give her a bracha to be zocheh to have children. My brother, of course, agreed and gave her a heartfelt bracha.'”

Rav Biderman concluded: “Last night, on yud ches Shevat -exactly a year since the Aufruf – the chassan’s sister made a vacht nacht [when small children recite Shema near the infant the night before his bris].”

“Exactly a year to the day after the chassan forgave the women for embarrassing him and gave his sister a bracha for children, his bracha was fulfilled.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hagon Rav Meilich Biderman is the Moshe Rabeinu of our dor. I can honestly say I’m zoche to know him very well and he’s a YID whose אהבת ישראל for every jew is something that can’t be described must be witnessed. Reb meilich is the משפיע of our generation. It’s כדאי to develop a קשר with such a צדיק through his weekly shiurim and weekly pamphlet on the parsha.

    He will change your life for ever. He loves every jew just because they are Jewish. His חסד that he does no else performs the amount of chesed he does.

    He doesn’t sleep. He sleeps maybe 2 hours a day. He’s מעלה מדרך הטבע. His שמירת עיינים is unbelievable. He’s is an עובד ה that we can’t begin to comprehend

    חברה we have a צדיק that everyone should get to know

  2. Beautiful zechus, However I would imagine the Chasson would console his disappointment with his maturity. If that embarrasses him, how will he be in marriage!! We once had an Aufruf and the early minyan simcha mistakenly took our candy, no candy throwing for the second minyan Chasson !! Big deal!!!

  3. The women didn’t need his mechilah, they didn’t owe him anything & it was simply a lack of coordination due to the many chassanim that week. The fact that the Chosson was misgaber over his anger over the embarassment is certainly a zechus.