GET TESTED IN BORO PARK & WILLIAMSBURG! Asisa Urgent Care Launches Covid-19 Testing Sites


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Rapid community-spread of the coronavirus accelerated the need for testing sites
In light of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, and as a leading community health care provider, Asisa Urgent Care Centers is pleased to announce today that it has launched the first local testing centers for Covid-19, at its 3 locations in Brooklyn.

Out of abundance of caution, these sites are set up in tents outside all of Asisa’s Urgent Care Centers, patients who arrive to be tested, should call the phone number posted at each location, a member of their professional staff will greet them and guide them through the rest of the testing process.

The process of being tested for the virus is easy. It typically involves taking a swab from deep in a patient’s nasal cavity or throat to collect cells from the saliva. The sample is then sent to a lab, where it will be tested to determine if the patient’s cells are infected with the virus.

People who show symptoms, or have reason to be concerned that they may have COVID-19, are encouraged to visit any of the Asisa Urgent Care testing sites, and their professional staff will conduct a quick test. Test results are expected back within 48 hours.

There are no appointments necessary for the Covid-19 testing just walk-in and get tested.

The following are the locations and times for testing:
Borough Park:
1530 43rd Street – From 4:00PM to 12:00 Midnight
5902 18th Avenue – From 4:00PM to 12:00 Midnight
667 Myrtle Avenue – From 9:00AM to 12:00 Midnight

“After we got three positive test results in the last day, we felt the responsibility to set up these testing sites in all of our locations, in order to stem the spread of this virus throughout our communities” said Dr. Giuseppina Feingold the Medical Director of Asisa.

It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of COVID-19 cases are mild and only a small percentage of patients may eventually require hospitalization. The majority of patients will be able to recover at home. Currently, care for COVID-19 patients is supportive as there are no medications available yet to treat this disease.

Everyone is urged to practice regular infection prevention techniques such as washing their hands frequently, avoiding touching their faces, cough etiquette and staying home when they feel sick. Most importantly, obey precautions posted by your state or local health department as well as by the CDC.


  1. I’m confused, it seems from the article that there are enough test kits for anyone that shows up. I thought that they were restricted to urgent test needs because they’re not enough to be available for everyone?

  2. To “HUJU” get a life, stop being so petty because of something that was typed “off the top of my head” quickly.
    May Hashem not nitpick you to death as you did about my imperfect language usage, sheesh!

  3. to liy: I need more of your courage not to sound uneducated. If English is not your first language, your mistake is understandable. If you were born in the US, or grew up here, well, where did you go to school?

  4. Ben yishai
    For those without insurance it costs about $105, I think (I heard $50+$55, but not sure).

    I would suggest, though, that anyone who goes inside does so with a mask, and sends in one person to register as the waiting time can be long (it can be up to an hour at times). It’s best not to wait in the waiting room (but in a car or outside) as there is no separation between patients in the waiting room.
    There will surely be those who will be negative for the virus, but in a waiting room with many people some of whom are coughing, it would be in the best interest of others to take precautions and wear a mask and minimize time inside.