PHOTOS: Bill de Blasio Gets Agudah Leadership’ Endorsement




In the race for mayor, Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio landed, Monday afternoon, the endorsement of some of Agudath Israel’s leaders, Hamodia reports.

De Blasio joined a group of individuals at the home of Mr. Shlomo Werdiger where he was joined in his support for Mr. de Blasio by Dr. David Diamond, Mr. Leon Goldenberg, Mr. Ralph Hertzka, Mr. Hashi Hertzka, Mr. Elly Kleinman, Mr. Yussi Rieder, and Mr. Reuven Wolf.

“Bill de Blasio has time and again been there for the frum community throughout his years in city government,” said Mr. Werdiger. “Whether it was fighting for resources for yeshivah families, helping countless charitable organizations tackle city bureaucracy, or always standing up in defense of the State of Israel, Mr. de Blasio has been a true and trusted friend to our community, and I proudly support him in this race.”

“Shlomo Werdiger, as well as the other community leaders here in this room, have done so much to advocate for the Jewish community and I am honored to have their support,” said Mr. de Blasio. “The Orthodox Jewish community is a crucial part of this City, and has contributed so much to New York. I am proud to have represented this community for the past 12 years, and am eager to do so in City Hall.”

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(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. I read in Mishpacha that deBlasio is endorsed by that guy Dean from the Democratic party and George Soros. If those two goons are endorsing this guy, that tells me he is someone I would not want to vote for. Doesn’t that make sense? How on earth could Agudah put themselves in the same league as those two low-lifes? How could anyone vote for him? He did some good things for the Jewish Community? So what!

    There has to be more of a reason than that. Dinkins also did things for the Jewish community. Was he a good mayor?

    Moderators Response: Why Mishpacha? YWN was the first to publish this, in two articles. One with an exclusive interview with D’Amato.

  2. Among the three top-polling Democratic candidates for Mayor, only Bill Thompson has strongly hinted that he would revoke Bloomberg’s attack on traditional Mohels who perform Bris Milah in our synagogues.

    Both Quinn and deBlasio have emphatically stated that they would continue to harass the Mohels who perform traditional Bris Milah.

  3. #1 – Agudah never ever endorses political candidates.
    #2 – If some members of Agudah leadership endorse him as individuals, that is their right. But they must make clear that in doing so, they do not in any way represent Agudah or Agudah leadership.
    #3 – There are many more community leaders out there, Agudah as well as others, who loudly and clearly endorse (as individuals, of course), Bill Thompson and Erick Delgado.
    #4 – Your headline is therefore grossly misleading.
    Thank you

  4. Wow. what a sad bunch of transparent un-principled ultra liberals. i guess these wealthiest among us won’t mind paying the much higher taxes bill deblasio has proposed to make them pay in his fantasy administration, nor do they careabout what his policies will do to their businesses. do all these people even live in the city (some are from nassau 5-towns and can’t vote)? are they even registered democrats? or is this just about easy access for the sake of hock and photo-ops? because conventional wisdom is that bill deblasio is to the liberal left of obama and carte. its amazing how quinn has been pushed to being the most conservative of the democratic candidates. deblasio has done nothing in his job as public advocate except sit on his hands and then campaign for mayor. this is really really pathetic and sad. lets hope these askonim take advantage of the opportunity to do teshuva.

  5. its is unfathomable and unconscionable that any of these self respecting “leaders” would go for the guy who takes money and endorsements from the george soros. deblasio speaks out of two sides of his mouth about divesting from businesses who do biz in iran and then still takes money and support from soros. and this the agudah and their richie rich askanim favor? a shonda!

  6. How can you endorse this liberal person? He will only wreck N.Y morally, and we the frum Jews will have to suffer.
    P.S. What are all the smiles about? Even if we have to cozy up to him, it’s nothing to smile about. He is not! good for us. He is not our friend! Period.

  7. I guess all these so called community leaders support his views on Tax the rich, and on stop and frisk and anti police. Interestingly are the names of the leaders of the Agudah who do not appear. Your headline therefore is some what misleading, He may be the best of the Democratic lot but we should be happy that we can have a real contrast with the Republicans who represent our communities values

  8. To deepthinker says
    If I remember correctly @ the beginning of the campaign Bill De Blassio said he would discuss Metzitza Bpeh with the Rabbis. Therefore I don’t where you are getting your information the De Blassio will continue Bloombergs ways of trying to get rid of Metzitza Bpeh. Maybe you got mixed up when De Blassio said he would continue Bloombergs ban on 16 O.Z. sugary drings.

  9. Dear Moebach (no. 5): The correct name for the Candidate endorsed by the Mirrer Roshei yeshiva is Erick Salgado.

    He is the only candidate who has clearly stated that he will fire the Health Commissioner and all of the deputy commissioners who participated in the attack on Bris Milah.

  10. Its good to see that Agudah and other frum organizations are not focusing narrowly on the candidate’s postion on a single controversial issues (e.g. gay marriage) and instead focusing on the candidate’s overall postion on issues of importance to the community.

  11. Misleading headline. Many in the Agudah leadership, including Chatzkel Bennet and Abe Biderman have come out in support of Bill Thompson. I also don’t consider having a photo up with a candidate as an endoresement. Anthony Wiener had a meeting last week at the home of Gedaliah Wienberger, and I don’t think that any of the atendees there were endorsing him.
    As an aside, not everyone in the picture is from Agudah. Leon Goldenberg is also affilated with the OU. Ari Noe is close with Satmar.

  12. remember when they all thought rick perry was the best candidate? cvant trust any of these guys. thompson and deblasio are nearly the same

  13. It never ceases to amaze me what Jews in NY do for politics. Bill de Blasio is George Soro’s candidate. Soros is a billionaire troublemaker who causes harm to everything he touches. He is a Jewish anti-semite, the worst kind. Where is the seichel? Or, what have they been promised?

  14. Please don’t reject comments for Mr. Salgado for no reason. My friend already asked Jacob why these comments are being rejected – Jacob says that he is not the one moderating and he is unaware of this.

    Please moderate and block only for reasons such as bad language not for a relevant message.

    Moderators Note: YWN has already published DOZENS of press releases for Mr. Salgado, along with all the endorsements of rabbonim. Use the search box at the top of the homepage. Please stop trying to submit your comments on every single article.

  15. I looked and did find it in an article on August 11.

    Just for your knowledge the letter of support has grown and has now over 45 Rabbonim.

    He also had a recent video interview with Peretz Eichler. Very interesting and would be worth it put up.

    In either case, have a Kesiva V’chasima Tova and A gut Gebencht Yor.