Tosher Community Asks Government To Help Them Enforce Quarantine


The Tosh Orthodox Jewish Community in Boisbriand is asking for help from Laurentian Public Health and the Boisbriand municipality police department to enforce a quarantine of their community of 4,000 people.

Community officials made this decision after receiving the partial results of the tests that were carried out on a hundred people living in the community.

Forty results have come in and over 40% of them are positive.

It is important not to jump to conclusions too hastily, as those who may have been tested are people with symptoms or who have traveled outside the country.

However, this result is quite significant and requires urgent intervention.

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We would like to remind you that community officials have, when required by the government, ordered the closure of their schools and their synagogue.

Finally, the leaders of the Tosh Community of Boisbriand will do everything necessary to ensure the full collaboration of their members with the public health authorities in order to protect human life.

Since all citizens residing in this community are now under quarantine, we hope that journalists will refrain from contacting them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)