Reb Zevi Halberstam Niftar From Corona Virus

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Zevi was a lovely young man, and always walked around with a full smile. Zevi’s life was full of Chesed and he was always there to help another Yid. He was involved in so many organizations and always used his extra time to lend a hand when needed.

At the age of 42, Zevi returned his Neshama to Hashem and he left behind on this world a wife and 6 children.


The videos of his kids saying Kadish at his Kevura are heart-wrenching and there is no greater pain than seeing them suffering without their father. They did not even have a chance to say goodbye or prepare for this tragic loss.

With Zevi no longer here, the family is now faced with financial difficulties and no food to put on the table. Zevi was a hard-worker who always gave his life for others, now it’s our chance to say thank you, and help out his family in their time of need.


The kids are growing up and there is no longer an income to provide them food and basic necessities, therefor a fund has been setup by his dear friends to assist this family now. The money collected will be given to his wife and kids so that they don’t have to suffer a double loss.

Your donation will go a long way in making life easier for Zevi’s family, and in this Zchus May Hashem repay you Kifley Kiflayim, and May we get rid of this terrible diseases and celebrate Pesach in Ihr Hakodesh Yerushalaim together with Moshiach. Amen.