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Chareidi Sting Master Flees With Money in Hand

1302891513-matzoh-matzah-matzo-passover2008Reality is such that the frum community is not immune to embezzlers as many a frum family has lost it all in a get rich quick scheme because they were naïve and trusted a frum appearing individual. In this latest case, the embezzlers targeted money changers, professionals, not regular avreichim.


A Vishnitzer chossid swept many money changers off their feet with his enticing promises. He finally packed it in and fled Eretz Yisrael with some 6 million NIS in investor money.


This scam began a number of months ago when a man who approached money changers explained he owns a matzah bakery and he was privileged to bake the matzos used by the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita. He explained that as his old oven is no longer operational and it cannot be repaired. He detailed how everyone knows how meticulous the rebbe is regarding the matzos, and he is required to buy a new one that can meet all of these demands. Such an oven carries a hefty price, 2 million NIS.


He explained that he does not seek a handout, but wishes to place a check in their hands that will be dated two months in advance, for that is when the matzah bakery becomes operational and he will have cash rolling in, hence an ability to make good on the check. He asked for 150,000 NIS towards the purchase.


Of course when dealing in such sums stating that one is erlich is not sufficient and the money changer asked for a guarantor, a second party. The matzah bakery owner was totally understanding of the money changer’s position and he brought another avreich, with the latter introducing himself as an attorney. He offered to leave his checks, acting as the guarantor. The money changer agreed.


While the money changers felt this is a reasonable deal, one that will net them a profit as well as assisting a good person who only seeks to supply the tzibur with matzos, they learned this is not so. When it came time to cash the checks the money changers learned the bakery owner’s checks are worthless. They did not panic for they also had checks from the guarantor, the attorney. However, the money changers learned he called the bank and put a stop order on the checks so the money changers were unable to cash them. In the interim, the sting team has fled.


When one of the money changers arrived at the home of the bakery owner he found an avreich in tears, for he had lent 100,000 NIS to the bakery owner too. He was promised the money would be returned before his daughter’s wedding. That did not occur and the distraught man was wondering how he was going to cover wedding expenses.


Police have checked with the Airport Authority and Interior Ministry, and no one with the name of the con artists has left the country, so it is assumed they left under an alias.


The money changers have turned to Ho’tzaot L’Poel, the court’s collection agency in the hope of cashing the stopped checks from the attorney. It is unclear if they will succeed in getting any of their money. While Ho’tzaot L’Poel may have frozen the account, the money may have been withdrawn prior to the legal action.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I loved this story. My dear Charadi friends, there are two four letter words that you should remember that help will get you those riches. Work and Save. That is your Hishtadlut, The rest is up to HKBH.

  2. Its hard to feel sorry for the victims of this scam since there is a story like this every other month in the frum community where clueless yidden acting without even the most minimal due dilligence hand over large sums of money to strangers with stories ranging from questionable to bizarre. You’ve been warned over and over again but yidden seem to be in a rush to hand over their money to scam artists and frauds. It would have taken one or two telephone calls to the Vishnitz gabboim or anyone at the Vishnitz beis medrash to validate this story but why bother??

  3. Of all the stupid things in this stupid article, the stupidest is the penultimate paragraph, which reads:

    “Police have checked with the Airport Authority and Interior Ministry, and no one with the name of the con artists has left the country, so it is assumed they left under an alias.”

    Yes, of course, scammers use their real names when scamming, and fake names when they leave the country. Who made this brilliant assumption? The police? The YWN reporters? The article does not say, but the assumers of this assumption should be identified and shamed.

    Let me emphasize: I have rachmonos for the victims of this scam, even if they are partially to blame for being blinded by their own desire for easy money. But the reporting of this story is abominable, as it is so badly written.

  4. P.T.Barnum a sucker is born every minute

    I guess that avreich will have to postpone the wedding
    and the son-in-law will have to get an honest job..

  5. boker tov Israel; you are just beginning to realize that when it comes to money that there are swindlers in the frum velt? HO ho ho; there are more than this creep; there are many many people who make a living sucking maaser money from naive frum people.

    I would never give a cent to any organization; I give my maaser money directly to needy families that I personally have seen be in need.

    It is time to realize that although 40 years ago and more the word ‘frum’ was synonymous with the word ‘erhlicht’; but since then. frum is the roshi tavos of Full of Mischievous and Rishous.

  6. Gadolbadorah–yes there are plenty of stupid people out there. Its ok to feel bad for them even if they’re stupid.
    And jerry–you “love” this story? One of the characteristics of a yid is that they are rachmanim. Maybe you should save your love for a spouse, a kid, the torah or Hashem, not for a story about yidden losing large sums of money.

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