BDS Founder Omar Barghouti: “It’s Okay To Use Israeli COVID-19 Vaccine”


Omar Barghouti, the founder of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, said that if Israel invents a vaccine for the coronavirus, BDS supporters who reject normalization with Israel can be given the vaccine, a JTA report said on Monday.

Barghouti spoke about the issue during an Arabic-language webinar on Facebook Live on Sunday entitled: “BDS And Anti-Normalization: The Most Important Strategies To Fight Against The Deal Of The Century, Even In The Time Of COVID-19.”

Always true to his values (except when inconvenient), Barghouti said that BDS supporters shouldn’t think that the coronavirus crisis is a good rationale for Israel to maintain relations with the Palestinian Authority or Arab countries.

Barghouti continued to say that this policy applies not just to the current crisis, but applies in general to using any Israeli medical breakthrough since they could be life-saving.

“If Israel finds a cure for cancer, for example, or any other virus, then there is no problem in cooperating with Israel to save millions of lives,” Barghouti said. “Up until now, we have not been in a situation where we need Israel urgently and no one else can save us but Israel. If that will happen, saving lives is more important than anything else.”

Obviously “life-saving” is referring only to Arab lives since BDS supporters generally don’t seem to be concerned about Jewish lives. Omar Barghouti himself is part of the extended Barghouti clan, a name that may be familiar to readers due to the clan members’ infamy for carrying a series of terrorist attacks against Israel for decades.

In December 2018, two Barghouti brothers carried out separate terrorist attacks, the Ofra and Givat Assaf terrorist attacks.

Saleh Omar Barghouti, 29, shot and injured seven Israelis at a bus stop near Ofra, including shooting a pregnant young woman and her husband. The woman gave birth prematurely and the baby died three days later.

As’asm Barghouti, 32, murdered two IDF soldiers at Givat Assaf and critically wounded another soldier.

The father of the brothers, Hamas leader Omar Barghouti, who bears the same name as the BDS founder, spent more than 25 years in Israeli prison for his role in terrorism and murder.”

BDS founder Omar Barghouti was born in Qatar and currently lives in Akko, Israel as a permanent resident of Israel thanks to his marriage to an Israeli Arab.

And it seems when it comes to education, Barghouti has the same hypocritical attitude that he does toward medical assistance – he has a Masters degree from Tel Aviv University despite calling for a total boycott of Israel, including its academics. He is still studying at Tel Aviv University for his PHD.

Barghouti has been denied entry to the United States and the UK for his role as BDS movement founder.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I am disappointed in him. He should be “machmir” and stick to his principles not to use anything made in Israel. This goes for his followers as well.