WATCH THIS: Stuck At Home & Can’t Say Birchas Ilanos? There’s A Unique Solution


Someone in the city of Beitar Illit had a creative solution for anyone stuck in the house due to coronavirus regulations and hadn’t yet had a chance to say Birchas Hailanot.

A vehicle pulling a trailer with trees in it drove through the empty streets announcing: “Dear residents: You’re invited to come out to your porches and make the bracha of Birchas Hailanot b’hidur rav on the sprouting and mehudar trees.”

“Ilan, ilan, ba’ma avarechacha…” There was even a sign on the trailer with the words of the once a year bracha written in large letters.

According to a comment made by an unknown person at the end of the video, the unique idea was the brainchild of Beitar Mayor Meir Rubinstein.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)