WATCH Heartwarming Scene: 12 Adult Children Of Maalot Dafna Family “Visit” Their Parents


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An emotional scene took place this past Friday in the Maalot Dafna neighborhood of Jerusalem. The ten adult children of the Eisenstark family of Maalot Dafna surprised their parents, whom they haven’t seen in a month and a half due to coronavirus constrictions, with a surprise “visit.”

About an hour before Shabbos, the male members of the Eisenstark clan gathered on the grass below their parent’s building and put on a mini-concert in honor of their parents.

The mother of the family was so moved by seeing her children that the sound of her weeping could be heard throughout the video.

Itz’ale Eisenstark, who organized the “reunion,” told Kikar H’Shabbos: “Our parents haven’t seen their 12 children and their almost 50 grandchildren since Purim. They’re not used to being alone. We’re trying to make sure they don’t feel alone.”

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“Before Pesach, we brought them photos of each family and on erev Shabbos we decided at the last minute to surprise them with all the siblings singing together below their apartment. It was a moving experience.”

“I have a message for all children – do something for your parents – even something small. You have no idea what it does for them and how it revives them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What a kiddush Hashem! This week, in Poroshat K’doshim, we’re going to read, Ish Imo v’Aviv Tirah-oo. Let’s all all make this week where we do something for our parents! They’re all lonely!